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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

NHFFL regular season finale

Get ready to glaze your eyes with excitement, as this is the promised end of the regular season fantasy football post.  First, let me put up the final standings...

And now, a little bit about how we got here.

Last week, no fewer than five teams were still in the running for the two Purple division playoff spots that hadn't been claimed by the division winning Greenwoods.  The Aguas dropped out of that race with a season-ending 38-25 loss to the Greenwoods which dropped them to 5-7 and out of the picture.  The Fiery Beagles had a shot at claiming the second spot outright with a win over the out-of-the-picture Rangers.  But the Rangers forced the game into overtime, and won on bench points 17-11 to capture a 51-45 OT win.  That didn't knock them out, and an Angels win over the KCAs would have still given them a spot.  But the valiant KCAs, given up for dead 3 weeks ago, stunned the Angels to force a 3-way tie, 48-30.

Now the first tie breaker would be record of the three teams against each other.  But the KCAs swept the Beagles while being swept by the Angels, and the Angels and Beagles split, forcing us to the second tie breaker, overall score in those games.  Here the Angels were a +18 and took second place; the Beagles were -7 and got the remaining playoff spot; and the KCAs were -11 and 4 points shy of forcing the next tiebreaker.  So next week, it will be the Angels vs the Beagles, with the winner to face the Greenwoods.  The two games that they played earlier were a 41-35 Beagle win and a 49-26 Angel win.

In the Gold division, things were settled a long time ago.  The State Ducks started 7-0, lost a pair, and closed with three straight wins.  Their 570 points, 47.5 per game, were 54 more than anyone else.  The Elks looked to run roughshod over everyone else, but a pair of losses in the last two games dropped them to third- the killer was the season ending 50-31 loss to Buzz which pulled the Lightyears into second place.  These two teams, who opened the year with a 61-29 Elk rout, face off next week for the dubious privilege of playing the Ducks in the next round.

The Ducks closed with a 51-26 win over the Porkchops, which not only gave the Ducks a tie (with last year's Porkchops) for most wins in a 12-game season (AKA since 2005), it also gave the Porkchops the second-worst fall (from 10 wins to 3), only surpassed by the Clock BBQs who dropped from 11 games to 2 in the 14-game 1998 season.  Speaking of the BBQs, they capped off their 5-game losing strek that knocked them out of the playoffs with a 37-34 loss to the B2s.  However, their earlier 45-13 win over the B2s gave them 4th place.

So, next week its Elks vs Buzz and Angels vs Beagles- or to put it another way, three of Laurie's teams vs one of KC's, with one of mine and the last of Laurie's teams waiting in the wings.  Whose league is this anyway?


  1. I understood not one dang thing .. but go Laurie! I hope you win.. you know what ever it is you win. You do win right?

    1. The sympathy I get around here is underwhelming...

  2. Gotta love any team called the Porkchops!

    1. Believe it or not, they are named after my son's pet cat.