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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A few thousand words about Christmas (or a few pictures)

***NOTE:  New video starring SCRAPPY after all the pictures!***

Frosty by Sunday

Scrappy's Landing Christmas Eve

Just starts snowing as we went out Christmas morning

The fun of Christmas?  The kids!

Papa TJ, Mama Katie, Young'uns Jackson and Lizzie, Uncle Josh

Final young'un Sierra, Aunt Rachel

Aunt Emily and Cousin Abby

...and, cousin Blaine

Blaine's dad Andy, Grandpa Jack taking a selfie, Blaine and Mommy Kristen

Emily trying to pass out presents, harassed by paparazzi

Emily and Baxter

Jack's new toy- a device for cooking marshmallows and dogs over a fire, that looks like a fishing pole.
Lizzie with Sierra's new hat.

Me and Baxter
And now, so you can see what I mean about Scrappy turning into "Incredible Hulk-Dog"  Here's his latest movie; at about 4 minutes, he goes into "IHD mode"- running blindly everywhere- and right after, he begins the tearing up of the rug...which we still don't understand.  Enjoy!


  1. You have so many little ones I am actually jealous. :) Course, I'm not jealous about them missing their naps, being hopped up on sugar, or having to open the baby gate 17 thousand times. Or maybe that only happens with my nieces and nephews...

    and I must have that cooker. That is genius. And way more sanitary than putting them on the spokes of a rake.

    1. Fortunately things were arranged so not a lot of baby gates were needed... unfortunately, one that was was actually a keyboard with a volume control. And the kids were a blast once the presents got opening; but beforehand, Jackson was wanting to play with what was wrapped up and asked to open one about 100 times.

      Jack loved the cooker because he's a capital "F" Fisherman.

  2. Chris:
    Those are so good photos of all the "kin"
    And with God's blessing, you'll have many more such opportunities.

    Stay safe up there.

  3. This time of year it's all about those kids, the quiet moments on the couch with your favorite pet, smiles, hugs and a time to reflect on the wonder that is our life. Your pictures summed all of that up beautifully.

  4. Looks like you had a fun Christmas. The kids are adorable!!! And Scrappy is a nut!! lol