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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Monday, December 2, 2013

Out in the cold...

"Now, class, the MOST important thing to remember when bobbing in ice-cold temps is..."

At the "beach"...

Attempt at "freeing" a bubble

Country roads, take me home...

Stick with a coat of stain and two of gloss!

It finally dawned on me that they took out one lane of old California Road south of the IPFW bridge so idiots wouldn't be tempted to use it for motorized traffic anymore.

Walking along the bare shore of the river you find many odd things.  Beer cans, old flip flops... broke open coconuts...?

1 comment:

  1. Chris:
    Nice to be able to go touring the wonderful area surrounding your digs.
    Looks like Scrappy always finds something interesting, too.
    Love the bird pic and caption!

    And that's one fine shillelagh you got for those walkabouts, doncha know?
    Nicely done, laddie!
    (that stain does a very good job of bringing out the grain)
    ALl you need is a metal tip for the bottom and a leather tie-loop up top for your wrist.

    You stay safe up there.