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Saturday, January 11, 2014


14 But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven. Matthew 19

Long, long ago, just about 26 years ago, I met the girl that would one day be my ex-wife.  At the time she was sharing an apartment with her sister, her dad, her MD nephew, her niece- and her sister's boyfriend, the father of the kids.  I am not being judgmental in the least to say that he was prototypical white trash- everything but the house trailer and the junk in the yard.  However, he had come from that.  We have a place between Ft Wayne and New Haven called River Haven.  While everybody from there isn't this bad- there are some nice people and nice houses and yards-  the most of it is the place in our community (and I'm sure you have one too) where the criminally lazy, the mentally challenged, the drug addict, and the alcoholic just seem to end up.  What does this have to do with seven abused kids?  Please be patient.

 "Bullshit.  He's been doing those drugs (PCP) for years..."

Said boyfriend's family- and my ex- had known the family from which the father of those kids came from for years.  My ex, when I met her, was best friends with their mom.  The boyfriend?  Well, he had a younger brother.  This brother was a homosexual pedophile.  He had been raping the younger brother of the father of the seven kids since he was 9, with everybody turning a blind eye to it.  The boy, who at the time of this part of the story was fifteen, dealt with it the only way he could- he called it love, and them a couple.

 ...These people were once regular customers of mine and out of her own mouth she said that she made a bed out of chicken wire to keep her autistic son in and cps gave her a week to improve these deplorable conditions. She took it all down and they approved!!! Myself and many others I worked with called and left messages for her caseworker(not one was ever returned) and within days their parental rights were restored...

Eventually, as all pedophiles do, Boyfriend's brother decided it was time to move on to some younger kid.  The younger man decided, "If I can't have you, no one can."  Within days, boyfriend's brother was dead in his car's trunk, and a fifteen year old victim was to remain in prison till he was fifty.  As I said, this was some 26 years ago.

...The two cats and the dog will never be returned to that family, but social services will strive for reunification of the children with their patents. It was an open case already. There was a week old baby on the premises, so the woman must have recently been in the hospital. How do people manage to overlook these dire circumstances for so long?

This week, I was less than stunned to hear the name of the father of those children.  For the story of these people, re-read the end of this post.  I don't mean to unnecessarily attack these people, although they are attack-worthy.  They have spent years doing drugs, living off the offscourings of society, having Kids for no better reason then the government entitlement money they bring in.

 I know for a fact she was advised to have a tubal ligation 9 years ago! I was in the office when it was said. And also know for a fact medicaid paid for them all. This seriously does NOT surprise me.

The quotes I'm featuring, other than the Bible verse and the drug reference, were pulled from news-site comment boards.  Some may be true- I suspect they all are- but what they represent is a pattern.  Sure, it represents a pattern of abuse, slovenliness, and neglect by the "parents".  But it also represents a pattern of neglect and outright criminal stupidity by the state and the agencies that are set up to prevent just this kind of thing.

...The mom had $4000 in purse ? That's enough money to clothe her children. They live in a house in Zulu and it looks like a junk yard. The man sits in his truck/van all day along the road. So I'm assuming he's mental. Local community churches helped this family out when their house burnt...

CPS had countless chances to do something here, and countless reasons to.  I will admit, sometimes abuse and neglect are easy to prove, sometimes not.  But does anybody REALLY believe that it should have been very hard to prove it here?  Somebody- a lot of somebodys- just threw their hands up and said the hell with it.

...those two are very much known dig through people's trash and scrap all over around downtown, anthony lakeside area. I know someone in that area that had a lawn mower in their backyard they were mowing with, they stopped to get a part for it at the store. When they got back home 10 minutes later it was gone and they saw their white van driving in the alley behind their house...

In my last article on the subject I touched upon the beating that DCS funding has took over the years.  Three years ago, they were given a budget that was at least 10% less than what they needed IF the problem stayed static, which it of course doesn't.  The state decided the best way to "handle" the problem was to eliminate county oversight in favor of a monolithic state agency.  Which just means that the bureaucrats who approve the budgets are a step farther removed from the street, and the workers expected to clean up the mess are that much more on their own.

 ...For the record, the school system the eldest child went to strongly suspected the abuse and did nothing. the nurse and staff tried turn the family in to CPS but was told they couldnt. Special Education Department denied this child and her siblings - How does this happen(?)

I recently read that for the first time, HALF of the Senators and Representatives in Congress are officially Millionaires (as in yearly income over $1 mil).  I wrote yesterday that a fricking basketball coach could donate the federally mandated income for a family of nine at poverty level to almost 54 families and still make $100,000.  DO YOU MEAN TO TELL ME MONEY CAN'T BE FOUND to take care of things like this?  I call bullshit, and I'll tell you the real reason it can't be found- because like the VA can't get proper funding because the vets are too small a constituency to matter, the kids suffering from neglect are too young to vote.  So the politicians have just one goal in this area- keep themselves as far away from having to look at this as possible.

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. (Mark 18)

My best solution to this is this:  Governor Mike Pence; Judge Bonaventura, head of DCS; Allen County DCS regional Manager Steve Scott;  why don't YOU spend a day at these houses, these hotel rooms, these field offices, and see just what your sweeping it under the rug causes.  For once, put a human face on these tragedies and ask yourselves if it is really worth giving football coaches $600,000 per win (again, see last post) to let the innocents suffer.  Ask yourself, Local Director Savieo, did YOU do your due diligence?  As I've said before, there's not a crack in the world big enough to allow this to fall through.  It was there, in the crack, wedged in for anyone to see... somebody was too busy applying "one size fits all", "give the parents a chance at any cost", to care about doing the job that should have been done.

You are our public servants.  Your job, that you took on, is to protect children form families like these.  This is on your hands, and all the washbowls in the Procurator's palace cannot wash it off.  All you can do now is start making REAL steps to prevent it from happening again.  TIME TO STEP UP.


  1. Life. Mostly beautiful. But, sometimes, sadly, its face has warts.

    1. More like a boil on the ass needing lanced in this case.

  2. Chris:
    You covered this story SO much better than ANY and ALL of the media sources, if for no other reason, than it was what YOU said which came both from your mind AND your heart.

    Given whatever facts that wetre released, plus a keen eye for being an objective observer of both humanity and life, it's little wonder that what you stated SHOULD become commonplace for a lot more people.
    Seems in times past, it USED to be.

    Kudis for the insight and commentary.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I just want to see heat put on the powers that be to prevent this crap instead of laughing in the drawing room, saying, "Glad that wasn't me!"

  3. Replies
    1. I hope so- kudis is Indonesian for scabies.

  4. I don't feel sorry for adults in these situations, but the kids can't help what they were born into. They can't help the environment they're raised in. And if I'm helping my local senator/congressman become a millionaire with my tax dollars, they'd better damn well be doing something about it.

  5. You are hitting upon many of the reasons I quit as a DCS attorney in Marion County, ironically 3 years ago. I worked there under the direction of James Payne, and well....we saw how that worked out. To say the system is broken is putting it lightly. The people on the front lines are the ones who see all of this but are unable to do anything because of their management and up above that. We were just puppets told what to do "per policy." Ok, need to stop rant now....

    1. Rant on. You saw it a lot more than I have, and anytime you want to do a piece over hear about DCS and what needs to be done, just let me know.

  6. Stories involving children are always the most heart wrenching. They did not make the choice to enter this world and basically have no voice in their upbringing either. Working at the school, I deal with the kids that are dropped off late every morning with no breakfast, the kids with clothes so small their tears and bellies are hanging out, the kids that wear cleats 3 sizes too big because it's the only shoes they have, the kids that smell because they have had no bath for who knows how long... I could go on. It's just heartbreaking.

    1. And what's really sad is how many of those kids weren't that way because the folks were poor; instead, lazy and indifferent. Those seven kids were nothing but drug money for them.