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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Monday, January 20, 2014

Martin not-so world news

Sometimes you don't have to venture too far off the front steps...

ITEM:  Juli over at Surviving Boys (the title a tribute to having two sons and a husband) has been having a spot of trouble surviving "girls" of late.  Let me hearken you back to here and here, where two years ago we met the delightful personality "john Rambo".  For the whole story, hit the links, don't be lazy like me!  Long story short, though-  dude is a hate filled ex-husband, ex-father, expat of Australia, on the lam for running a pedophile ring and spending his free time trolling women's blogs telling them how hateful and awful they are.  I got involved defending one such blog, and soon it blew up into a whole deal that I took all the amusement it was about to offer, and then ignored him, shortly after which he gave up.  Well this past week, Juli encountered an anonymous poster whose hate filled diatribes and language (including the love of the word "misogyny" and its various tenses) are an exact match for all the crap I heard from Peter Andrew Nolan AKA "John Rambo"- with one key difference which I will let a reply to my greeting explain:

I'm not Peter, and I do NOT live in Australia!!! I am an American woman in the South with a very feminine name in real life (part of why I'm so angry all the time), and I do other things with my life. It pisses me off that I must take time out of my day to let this woman know how much she upset me with her "Why I Love Boys" posts, which, believe it or not, I randomly found because a search for "new car smell" took me to this intriguingly-named blog. As a result, she will be getting nothing but my most cunning of mean words unless and until she either 1.) removes both (or more?) of those misogynistic rants, based largely on stereotypes about girls/women, or 2.) I get so busy that I give-up and/or "forget" about this blog. Either way, I am NOT a disgusting, XY male with a penis and testes, nor do I wish to appear as one in order to be like so many of us these days.
I have my doubts that two people can say the exact opposite things (genderwise) the exact same way and not be the same idiot working the other side of the street.  If you bop around Juli's place, you'll find a Christmas poem on which "she" posted "F_ Christmas! "  And then went on to explain that Christmas is
just another money-making, overly commercialized holiday created to benefit MALES (i.e. retailers) at the expense of FEMALES (esp. moms), who earn less and spend more. It is partly responsible for the upsurge in cold/flu infections, especially in women, between November and January, and increases the likelihood of auto accidents.
"She" went on to call for the "childfree, virgin lesbo-dykes" to rally and "fight the patriarchy", which I find amusing because "John Rambo"  wanted all real men to "fight the matriarchy" who controlled the family court judges who wisely stripped him of wife and kids.  Even as I type, I see "she" has sent yet another anonymous message to Juli, detailing how stupid she is for listing the reasons she loves her family.  As well as making fun of the "the scanty clothing I refuse to wear".  Well, "Princess", I for one am glad you refuse to wear that type of clothing, I have no need of having dreams of Chaz Bono in a bikini.  And if he/she/it does manage to stop by, let me just point one thing out to you:  It's not the world, it's you that's screwed up.
ITEM:  Holli from Texas, I truly hope you read this, because I saved this one just for you:
The defeat of the Pats yesterday has launched a thousand memes.  Here is my favorite so far:

ITEM:  Here's a lovely story that stands on it's own:

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) - Police were called to a Fort Wayne McDonald's on (last) Monday after a man passed out on a table. An officer found Nicholas J. Fisher, who already had a warrant out for his arrest, with six prescription painkiller patches stuck to his arm.
According to the affidavit for probable cause, police were called about a possible medical complaint at a Fort Wayne McDonald's on Monday. The officer found 27-year-old Fisher passed out and drooling on a table. He checked Fisher's driver's license and saw he had an active warrant out for his arrest.
Fisher was arrested and taken to the Allen County Jail for the outstanding warrant.
While Fisher was being searched at the jail, police saw he had six plastic patches with the word "Fentanyl" printed on them stuck on his arm. 
Police said Fisher did not have a prescription for the pain killer.
Fisher was charged with Possession of a Schedule II Controlled Substance, a class D felony.
One word: Overkill...
ITEM:  Next up, an equally intelligent sort, but with an accomplice...
AUBURN, Wash. —
A 42-year-old man died Saturday after he was hit by an Amtrak train in Auburn, fire officials said.
The incident occurred at about 3:30 p.m. near C Street Southwest and Eighth Street.
According to the Auburn Fire Department, the man’s girlfriend was taking pictures of him sitting on the rails when an Amtrak Cascades Train struck the man, who was from Las Vegas.
The train was coming from Portland and was heading to Seattle.
Authorities closed the tracks to investigate the incident.
Gotta wonder who was doing the layout on that one...
ITEM: Do you often feel like an island of intelligence in a world were it doesn't thrive naturally? 
A man who spent several hours trapped in a pipe at a United Water facility on Wilson Avenue was rescued Friday morning and then promptly arrested.
Capt. Michael Fountain of the Manalapan Police Department said the man was 26-year-old township resident Asaf Mohammad, who was arrested for fourth-degree criminal trespass
United Water spokesman Rich Henning said that workers “heard cries for help” coming from an area that has a wellhead with a storage tank when they arrived at the facility on Friday morning.
Jim Mastrokalos, director of operations for United Water, said the man was found in a decommissioned pipe that is 20 inches in diameter.
“He must have traversed through a basin and climbed up into a pipe for reasons unknown at this time,” Mastrokalos said.
United Water is investigating surveillance video to determine how Mohammed was able to get into the facility, which is surrounded by barbed wire fencing, Mastrokalos said.
After sections of the pipe were dismantled, emergency responders were able to get a harness around the man and pull him out of the pipe.
Mohammed was reportedly flown to Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center after being removed from the pipe.
Of course, the non-funny thing about this is that this is a Muslim (not a smart Muslim, but a Muslim nonetheless) caught in a secure utility facility a stone's throw from the site of the Super Bowl.  Better stick to beer and Gatorade if you go...
ITEM: Can you handle just one more idiot?
MERRILLVILLE, Ind. (WANE) - Indiana State Police said a truck driver was drunk and fatigued when his semi drove off the interstate Sunday afternoon.
Around 12:03 p.m., Donald Hagen, 52, of Saint Peters, Missouri, was driving south on I-65 at mile marker 254. That is about one mile north of the U.S. 30/Merrillville exit. He was operating a 2013 Freightliner semi pulling a box truck full of 17,000 pounds of empty tin cans.
Hagen told officers he was fatigued and “dozed off." His semi drove off the road, hit a highway informational sign (Obviously not the needed information) , went down an embankment, through a fence and came to rest in a field. Hagen said he woke up when the truck stopped. The semi never flipped over.
When officers arrived to the crash scene, they found unopened and opened containers of alcohol a short distance from the semi. Police said Hagen later admitted to throwing them there. He also allegedly said he had been drinking alcohol the night before.

Hagen was treated at the scene for minor cuts. During the investigation, police found Hagen had a blood alcohol content of .09 percent. The legal limit in Indiana is .08 percent.
And the topper?

Yep, a Schneider driver!!!

ITEM:  Now, here has got to be the greatest case of "logical fate" in history:

Downtown Detroit hit by massive sinkhole

So far, it's only 10 foot across and 14 feet deep... but give it some time.  Detroit looks to be needing a slightly different bail-out this time.

ITEM:  That's enough for now, gang...  and remember the immortal words of  Steve Earle...

"Keep yourself to yourself
Keep your bedroll dry
Because you never can tell
What the shadows hide
Keep one eye on the ground
Pick up whatever you find
'Cause you've got no place to fall
When your back's to the wall...."


  1. I just hope this female John Rambo [rhymes with bunt] visits Penwasser Place. Oh please, oh please, oh please. It will be fun.

    1. I fwd-ed all the other posts to CW. You boys have fun now...

    2. Watch out Al. first time John hit me up, he thought I was a woman (since only a woman would defend women). I had to point him out to my profile pic.

  2. That's a lot of idiots you've rounded up for us today. I'd be really concerned about ANY man in an unauthorized area so close to the super bowl. Not good.

    I've posted my peace on our "friend". Interestingly enough, "she" is very civil to you... Have fun with the rest of the fodder I sent you. :)

    1. Oh... as for the Pats... Denver just played better... this time. Poke all the fun you want. :)

      Seriously though? It was a BAD day for Boston Spts... Celtics, Bruins, Pats, Providence bruins, my nephew's half time hockey game.... all lost. It was a sad, sad night.

    2. After reading your e-mail, I am absolutely convinced it's the redoubtable Mr. Rambo- and I posted the reasons on your "peace". I guess the nice side of disguising himself as a dyke is he won't have to change virtual hairstyles.

    3. I got no problem with the Celts, Sox, or Bruins- I just can't let my son hear that since he hates all three. But we have a lot of Pat-haters around here (Laurie being one), and they are a funny lot.

    4. Virtual hairstyles... *snicker*

      And I agree... I'm saying nothing because, hello? I live in Patriot nation, but damn, some of them are FUNNY.

      Honestly, I'm just hoping if we get some sucky teams again we might be able to afford 5 tickets to the game without a re-fi on the house.

    5. That's why I hope the Yankees such for 20 years. Then maybe I can afford tickets.

    6. You ask me, they suck now...;)

    7. Apart from the tiresome "Yankees Suck!" chants when they actually WERE good, I agree that they suck now. Gonna be a tough season.
      As for the "buying championships" thing, I don't deny it-well of course they do. If you could buy players to give you championships and thus make you more money when fannies are in the seats, you'd do it, too. Kansas City Royals would kill to have that problem.
      But, they do suck.

    8. I remember the first ball game I got to go to, in Detroit 1977. The shouts of "Reg-gie sucks!" Literally shook the building. On the other hand, Detroit had Tommy Veryzer at shortstop.

  3. *slaps forehead* "John Rambo" or whatever he wishes to call himself needs to just follow the lemmings. Follow those cute, adorable lemmings. Right off a cliff.

    1. In this incarnation, Rambo will only follow the childless, virgin lesbian lemmings off a cliff.

  4. Chris:
    Looks like Detroit FINALLY found Kwami Kilpatrick's "Money Pit"...LOL.

    It surpises me WHERE the Internet will take you when you type somehting innocuous into about (REALLY) fuzzy logic!!!
    (must be a democrat thing...LOL)

    LOVE the Manning/Pats defeat picture...brilliant!

    What's that old saying about drinking and driving (especially when it comes to SEMIs)?
    Oh, yeah..."DON'T!"

    Damn shame that Muslim didn't have a bomb with him...THAT woukld have gotten him OUT of the pipe REAL fast (and in lots of itty-bitty pieces).

    Struck (by a tarin) while SITTING on the tracks?
    Well THAT qualifies for the Dumbass Of The Week Award...LOL.

    Very good report.

    Stay safe AND warm up there.

  5. AWESOME!! Thank you so much for thinking of me. LOL. Poor Tony Romo and my Cowboys. I still love them though and always will. Die hard Dallas Texan til the end.

    1. I just remembered your reaction to Tony's new contract, and it was the first thing I thought of when I saw that.