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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years leftovers

Last night was two episodes of Soviet Storm, finishing watching Oz The Great And Powerful, drinking three craft beers* (and keeping Scrappy outta my hair with same), and the incredible 2nd half of the Texas A&M/Duke game.  Followed by the last 20 minutes of four of the most boring New Years Eve shows in the history of mankind.  I even tried the MSNBC Anderson Cooper show for a bit in desperation.  I wasn't near drunk enough for any of them.  I celebrated the New Year by making an omelette and going to bed.

Didn't even do my usual "A Long December" marathon.  Guess I just wasn't depressed enough for a change, though God knows Ryan Seacrest did his best.

* For the story on the craft beers, see my reply to Nain on the previous post.

Today we were supposed to be totally swamped with snow.  We got a 1/4 inch prior to midnight (last year), and today it snowed about another 1/4 inch starting at 9 AM.  We were then supposed to have a brief lull before "total accumulation of 2 to 6/3 to 5/ 6to 10 inches" depending on when you listened started in.  That began shortly before Laurie toddled off to work (shortly before the Rose Bowl kicked off) and despite being pretty consistent ever since is only halfway from index fingertip to first knuckle some 4 hours later.  Scrappy and I have taken two short and relatively uneventful walks, and we have dozed through some of Nebraska/Georgia, totally ignored Sparty/Stanford, and have one ear fixed on UCF/ Baylor.

And I got around to answering comments at last.  My last 7 posts have drawn 43 comments other than replies, and half of those were on the 50 Days Of Pray blog fest.  That's a lot of "Thank you and Merry Christmas"s to copy and paste, so I tried to be actually answering each one rather than saying the same thing by rote.  Thus, I had two-and-three day old comments to get to, many from the blog fest, which meant I took the time to go back to their site, make sure I knew what they had posted, say "All right, the person that wrote that", and do an actual effort.  It was interesting to see the variety of prayers, wish lists, poems, year recounts, and other articles that came from the whole thing, and I hope each and every one of us drew a blessing from it.

Then I just toddled over (that seems to be my expression of the year) to Jo-Anne's Ramblings and saw her latest "We Want To Know Wednesdays" link-up (Go click on the link above to get more details, please).  And this week they had some interesting New Year themed questions.  To wit:

1.) Do you have any New Year’s traditions?
2.) Resolutions: make them and stick to them or forgo them entirely?

3.) What is one thing you want to see happen in 2014? (For you or in general)
4.) What do you have coming up in 2014?
5.) List three things you did in 2013 that you’d like to avoid in 2014.

1- I did; the annual "A Long December" Marathon I mentioned earlier.  Not this year... I guess there really is reason to believe that this year will be better than the last.

2- I did mention something this year about perhaps I should break my old resolution (of not making any, good for the last 30 years or so) and do a new one.  Instead of spending half a day arguing with atheists on Facebook and elsewhere just to have it end with me saying, "I'll pray for you," and ignoring their "No, don't do it, I'll melt" reply, whenever I feel the urge, I'll just start out with, "I'll pray for you" and leave it at that.  Nowhere near as satisfying as watching them progress through "Christians oppress the universe", "Christians are the main source of hate in the world," "You'd be pissed if they taught Thor and Odin in schools", and the inevitable double ended arguments, but certainly wastes a lot less time.

3- Geez, that's a good one... I'd like to see NOBODY have to go bankrupt over Obamacare; I'd like to see a delegation of our civic leaders of color give up on the "let's have a block party to promote peace" approach and march into a gang meeting and say, "Turn in the guns, flush the dope, get off your ass, and get a job";  I'd like to get around to getting that big binder to put the latest pages of my beer cap collection in BEFORE I need 2 of 'em; I'd like to see the friendly family of deer we had 2 years ago return to our woods this spring rather than the stuck up lot we had this year;  I'd like to see Scrappy enjoy the bark park without a) coming home like he just ran a marathon, and b) without having to hump every dog bigger than him to prove he still has the two things he hasn't had in years;  I'd like to be a better and more obedient Child of God than I was this year.

And Thor: The Dark World.  I wanna see that, too.

4- Probably not much.  Any way you want to take it.

5- Hmmm...  Get frustrated to the point of yelling; Getting teeth pulled, no matter whose but especially mine;  Drafting Ben Rothlesburger and Phillip Rivers on the same team- especially the KCAs.

And now, time to get into some cold Pizza Hut and watch the rest of the game.  Here's hoping your New Year is a happy and blessed one.


  1. Chris:
    New Year's for US consisted of listening to ALL the "celebratory gunfire"...and the stores in our local m,edia that backed THAT one up...
    (being right STILL never gets old)
    Didn't like any of the NYE shows...but RED EYE on FNC was a hoot and a half later on.

    Gonna be a bery "interesting" year,. that's for sure.
    (I would say "fascinating", but like Spock, THAT is a word I use to describe the UNEXPECTED)

    We kinda KNOW what is coming (again).

    Enjoy yourselves, and do stay safe (and warm) up there.

  2. Really great post. I have noticed of late that you have been more upbeat. If that's a sign of your year to come, it's going to be great and that makes me very happy for you!!!

    1. The secret is venting the bad stuff at the Atheists on Face book (JK).

  3. I had two resolutions:
    1. Wake up on January 1st. Boom. Done.
    2. Finish my book. Check back in twelve months. See how I made out.
    I think that waking up thing was easier.