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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Before the flood sweeps us away....

Well, we have had 2 straight days of 40 degrees and looking at 50 and rain tomorrow.  Keep that in mind as I show you me and Scrappy yesterday and today.

Here we are leaving yesterday.  Just 9 hours before there were nearly 2-foot drifts where I'm standing and where Scrappy's standing.


Here's Scrappy wishing someone was at the bark park.  (you'll wanna keep this sight in mind as well.)

Unlike last year, when we had the car perched upon the snowpile, I hadn't seen any damage- save for this poor light pole.  Famous last words...
After day #2, you can even see grass...

Sometime twixt then and now, some idiot managed to plow through a 2-foot deep snow pile and slam into the bark park fence.  Hopefully it gave him a slow leak in his radiator.

I suspect that it had less to do with road conditions and more with this empty gin bottle we found in the ditch.
And so we came to face the daunting task of crossing the canal to get to the trail...

Nice and deep here... but this is just a start- barely seven inches.

Scrappy was apprehensive at first...

But soon warmed to the challenge.  About three steps later, though, he got stuck.  Seriously.  I had to brace him with a foot in the butt so he could make it all the way up.

And then came the trail.  A fairly uniform 7-9 inches.  So we headed for Scrappy's landing, reasoning that less snow would fall INSIDE the woods.

No such luck.  At the landing, Stick is over 14 inches to ground level.  Fortunately, the snow was stiff enough we only sank about 6 of it.

The river now... wait until Friday.

Friday, hell!  I'm stuck now!

At this point, I was ready to call it a day.  I said, let's cross the canal here- the tracks say the ice is still solid.
Thankfully it was solid under it's foot-deep cover of snow, and we made it home none the wetter.


  1. The temperatures will rise, the snow will melt, the floods will come and we'll miss snow.

  2. I have lived here for more years than I care to admit and this is my first year that I have real concerns with the flooding. I will be watching the river carefully in the next few days. Keep dry up there.

  3. Snow. The gift that keeps on giving. Be careful out there!

  4. Poor lil' Scrappy, getting stuck in all that snow. This is the worst part of winter, when the snow begins to melt. Puddles, mud and slush. yuck!

  5. Chris:
    Excellent coverage of your snowfall and melting...
    Scrappy getting STUCK?
    That's a first (to me, anyway)..only thought that happened to
    That empty GIN botle tells me that some of the slobs from MY part of town must have friends up by YOUR place.

    And the fence that was run into?
    You gotta be kidding me!
    Has everyone (but us) gone nutso?

    Seems we have a growing problem in this country...that of "Idontcareitis".
    Still, it's looking less like the Klondike and more like Indiana in Sambonia.

    Stay safe and dry up there.