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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hump'n'dump time

Two things were unusual about today's walk.  One, Laurie got to come along (Wal-Mart didn't require her presence today).  Two, we were passed on the greenway trail by a group of about 20 young people- on Segways.  Have I officially seen it all?  No, but I'm getting closer.

Meanwhile, we hit the bark park on the way home and found... beagles!!!!

Oh, and a boxer.  His name was Duke, that beagle was named Brawley, I think...

...and the white-faced one is Jazz.


Scrappy sniffed her stuff.  She told him to knock it off on no uncertain terms.

Laurie and Jazz.

A new contestant entered... never got a name.
They had a circus together.  Duke was a big sweetheart, Jazz was usually quiet and gentle.  Brawley was the firecracker of the bunch, and howled at Scrappy anytime he got too friendly.  Once right in the ear, which I laughed at.  At one point, a nearby car's alarm went off, and the dogs gathered to figure out why.  Brawley started baying at the vehicle.... and it shut off!  A great time was had by all.   Duke doled out several 4-oz-of-slobber kisses to dog and man alike, and tried to leave with us.  His owner called out, "Hey!  I'M your mom!"


  1. Where are the segways?

  2. This made me smile. I love when all of our dogs run and play with other dogs. My son's dog is the firecracker of the bunch. She's a boxer mix. And, a puppy. What a nut. She likes to run up on our old retriever mix, sniff him, get him riled up, then run away right before he gets too mad. Silly!

  3. SOOO cute!! Brawley is darlin. Its so fun to watch our fur babies interact with other dogs and have a great time.

  4. That really makes me wish we had a nice dog park around here. All we get is an old abandoned lump of dirt that they turned into a "dog park" just to humor the residents.

    Also, when I was in San Fran a while back I saw that they do Segway tours now. And we were also passed by about 20 people on Segways, cruising along the streets of San Fran.

    Which is great, because walking tours are SO exhausting...

  5. Chris:
    That's nice that Laurie got to go with you and Scrappy.

    A Segway "gang"?
    What will this city think of next? the way those Ft. Wayne BEAGLES took to the field (who needs Parkview, right?)

    Hump N Dump Field...sounds like a keeper.
    Barking to shut off a car alarm...AMAZING.
    Either the pooch knows the right frequency to deactivate it, or the owner had REALLY good timing.

    That must have been fun as anything.

    Stay safe up there.