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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's not raining, it's barely sprinkling! C'mon, we won't get wet...

As you might expect, this is a Scrappy walk story.  One that got cut  a wee bit short.

He looked at us like, how DARE you walk MY earth...

Two days of rain left our usual crossover a bit moist.  Scrappy went "Splash" (about to become a recurring theme); I hopped over onto the rail tie on the left.

The stuff you find.... can anyone identify these characters?

That was at the Green Hole.  After Scrappy had his fill of sniffing the various den holes, we moved on.  Along the river, Which at the start has a pretty high bank, and as per usual, I cautioned Scrappy several times, "you're gonna fall!"  Wouldn't listen...

Scrappy found somebody's favorite eating spot.  This section of squirrel's tail was near a small pile of bird feathers.

Scrappy was convinced that this was the hotbed of beaver activity.  But trouble awaited....

Spotting the first new growth green we've seen this "spring", we began exploring yet another beaver snack zone.

We were examining this debris float to see if it might be the top of a beaver den.  This is an "after" picture.  Seen the green spot near the bank, dead center...

Well, guess who fell in?  He assumed it was just muddy ground, and before I could think of yelling at him, he went head first into about butt-high (on me) water.  He remembered how to swim, and got turned around onto the bank.  But if you remember pics of when we walked the beach when the river's down, the bank is undercut.  He could hang onto the bank, but had no chance of getting out since he couldn't hit solid ground with his back feet.  I snapped a quick shot as I was setting the camera down and got on my knees, and once I cleared that damn stick on his right outta the way, I got the nape of his neck and hauled him out.  He was not amused.

He shook, and shook, and sneezed up the water he swallowed, and shook some more.  After that, he was all for going on with the walk- but I thought it a bit cold to be running around wet from head to toe.  So we headed back.  And I called Laurie:

L:  Hello?
C: Your Boofus just fell in the river.
C:  Fell. In. The. River.

She had us a towel waiting at the door about ten minutes later, And Scrappy is dozing none the worse for wear.  It seems he needs a lesson about water safety once every couple years (A couple years back, we walked out to the end of the stone construction pier and he assumed the water was as shallow in the MIDDLE of the river as at the bank.  Uh, no....), and today he got one that should last him into 2016... I hope.


  1. Replies
    1. I wish I would have got him when he was peeking around the tree with a dirty look...

  2. The live one, I mean. I'm glad Scrappy was okay!

  3. I don't know who the characters on the ground are…not even a little bit.

    Poor Scrappy! That water must have been so very cold for his tiny little body. I'd say that'll learn him, but, being an owner of three dogs, I know it could happen again.

    1. Tune into next post to see how much he didn't learn.

  4. Oh poor Scrappy!!! Glad he's ok and you were able to get him out without either of yall getting hurt. Out little guy does well in his baths ( in the sink) but never been around water puddles or ponds,etc. I want him to be able to swim.
    That was a serious beaver snack on the tree you showed. That will tumble down pretty soon.

    1. Scrappy does okay in deep water... as long as the current isn't strong. At least he was about five years ago.

  5. That sounds like a nice walk. The pix are excellent - I enjoy reading about Scrappy's adventures.

    1. It was a better walk the next day. Glad you enjoyed!

  6. Chris:
    LOL, oh, the trouble you two get into (well, ONE of you anyway)...
    Perhaps some floatation gear might be in store for Scrappy? could take up the LASSO.
    (either way).

    Love the squirrel pic...must be related to one of ours.
    Glad no one got hurt...or drown...or otherwise rendered "non compos mentis".
    (this city can have such an effect on the normalcy of individuals)

    Good travelogue.

    Stay safe (and DRY, Scrappy) up there.

    1. Yep, you can always count on one of us doing something stupid. That's what makes a walk fun!