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Monday, April 14, 2014

Martin walking news

This is so going up in my workspace tomorrow.  And I hope they pay attention.

In other news, I have some walk pictures to share with you, oh, happy people.

Squirrel on Ground Hog Road, Friday afternoon.

Waiting out yet another poop stop...

Scrappy in his favorite murky, leaf-tinted puddle...
Then, Scrappy decided I HAD to climb that hill he climbed a couple weeks ago.  And I had to go up, the steepest, muddiest side he could find.  And he had to get tangled while I was fighting my way through a path too narrow for my ample girth.

Great view, though.

Then he wanted to try another hill.  I opted out.

And after a refreshing dip in the creek (well, IDK about refreshing, but he is a dip)...
Downstream along the north bank by the ravine!

Here we see the world's smallest stream, barely trickling from beneath a tree root.

Ah!  New growth!

Scrappy was like totally fascinated by the world's smallest stream.  Kept trying to figure out where it came from.

Still looking.  It came out right under that root.

Well, that was Friday, and Saturday we went to Shoaff Park.

I'm guessing these trees never paid attention to the sign, and it died a sad death.

"No Parking Any Time."

Lets figure this up.  Our second 70 degree day.  One week removed from 2 inches of rain.  Mud everywhere.  And yet, here's proof that someone was sprinkling their lawn.

Off the beaten path...

Um, that's a little steep there...

And officially at Shoaff, some 20 minutes walk later.

Scrappy meets Gracie, a lady Beagle about his own age.  She was a sweetheart.

Nothing says, "Somebody had a really fun night" like Orange Crush and Kleenex.

Flowers in the woods!

Dude was texting on a skateboard....

Not a dream!  Not an imaginary story!  Scrappy actually taking a break on a walk!

Goose Gang War.

Wanting so bad to get in the pond... but remembering the last time he walked out on leaves.

Ah... safer here...

And in we go at the boat landing- the highlight of every trip.

Damn,,, looks a lot steeper going back...

And finally, Sunday was a late trip to the dog park.  These pics are from the phone so, no grumbling!

This guy wanted his picture taken in the worst way... or just wondered if my phone was edible.  (He's the big white fellow.)


  1. The poop stop photo would make a cool profile pic. That or that big silly white dog!

    1. Yes, it is majestic, like Mt Rushmore, lol

  2. Orange crush and kleenex? Allllrighty then. lol

    1. I think that was pretty much what came outta my mouth...

  3. Spring has sprung! Yay!

    I can't wait to hear the comments your co-workers have about the picture you plan on hanging at work. I'm glad Scrappy does well with other dogs. We have three dogs and two are great socializers. One is getting a bit old and grumpy. He's pretty iffy.

    1. Okay, since more than one person has asked for "worker comments", I promise to put it on the next blog post.

      Scrappy does fine... to a point. He'll socialize for a while, but if nothing's going on, he'll just wander off by himself and sniff stuff. If he's got some dogs that wanna play chase, he's there. And he just doesn't fathom the concept of playing with toys outside.

  4. Has anyone at work commented on the picture yet? That is FUNNY.

  5. Chris:
    First of all, THAT is EXACTLY the type of poster I would put up at work...(evil laughter).
    And then SMILE at everyone passing by it.

    Excellent walking pics.
    LOVE the "Cap" shirt, and please tell me you got it at Walmart?
    (hopefully they remember what a man's SMALL is)

    That trash reminds me of MY part of town (Kleenex to wipe the cocaine off the nose and Orange Crush to wash it all down)
    That "no parking": sign whould be "revised" "NO RUSTING AWAY".

    Nice dog park pics...that fluffy white dog cracked me up.
    (he's a gooooood booooyyy)

    I swear that last pic looks like it has a HORSE there (gotta be a great dane - cripes, put a SADDLE on that

    Nicely presented, brother.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. Laurie says the shirts were at Meijer... sorry.

      And it's funny to me to watch the difference between Scrappy's prance and the lumbering gait of the big boys.

  6. I cracked up at the one where all you see is Scrappy's butt in the air likes he's in a hole! So funny. The big white dogs nose comes in 2nd. That takes some skill to text and skateboard at the same time.

    1. I was impressed. I don't usually take pictures of humans doing odd things, but that did take talent.