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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

So let's try this again...

First, let me say, Scrappy is just fine.  No sickness, no limping, no traumatic dreams as a result of his fall into the river.

He did cut a fart that could be heard throughout the house last night, but the jury remains out on whether that was river water-induced.  How do I know it was him?  When I looked up from across the room, he was sniffing his butt in order to determine just what the heck had occurred.

Today was sunny- say it again: SUNNY- and warm, so we picked up the walk where we left off.

As you can see, the fall had little affect on him and water.  Here we are at the duck pond.

The previous time he fell in, it was like the last water event before winter, and the next spring he had to be coaxed into the water.  Not so much this time.

Duck pond is pretty much as full as we've ever seen it.

River didn't phase him either...

I'm guessing this is a squirrel's nut cache that got emptied.  Scrappy actually dug a bit around it.

Wasn't afraid of the prospect of falling, either.

At this point, the camera gave me that little flashy that means, " The battery, she's a-gotta no more!"  So we continued on, and along the south end of the south soccer field (or the north bank of the creek), a pair of deer spotted us.  I think they might of been our old buddies from two years ago, because they didn't run till we were almost on them (since we didn't see them) and they only went a little ways- to the edge of the reed-island at the mouth of the creek and the river. And there one of them stood, watching- waiting for me to find a reasonable clear view to take a picture.

But the battery's dead, right?

I turn it on, switch over to distance focus, started to zoom...
And it died.
Count ten. Turn it on.
Focus, aim...
Count fifteen.  Turn it on.  Nothing.
Rinse, ring repeat about four more times, and I got just enough juice for....

Epilogue #1:  So around the swamp, across the bunny field, back north up the trail.  As we reached the south canal, I saw a wave that might have been a 'skrat or something sliding into the water.  I told Scrappy, "Go down and check it out."  So down the bank he goes, sniffing dens, sniffing trails... and wading into the water.  Remember the pic from a few walks ago?  The water is REALLY high in the south canal.  And he was maybe a step or so from reaching where the bank would normally end, and thus about to take yet another unscheduled bath.  This time, though, I managed to coax pull him back up.

Epilogue #2:  Battery was so dead, the first time I tried to upload pictures, it got two of them... and then told me it lost connection.  So I charged the battery for 10 minutes, and got them all this time- albeit with a "You cannot upload these files because you do not have an admistrator's permission."  They did indeed upload... but every time I posted on on this post and clicked "add caption", I was told, "You have logged out from another location.  Log in or continue?"  After about the third caption, I said, "Oh, hell, let me log in to that which I have never logged out of so it will shut up.  I logged in where instructed, it told me the request could not be processed, and everything was back to normal.  So how's your XP?  My 7's just fine.


  1. It's amazing the farts that dogs can create. Or cats for that matter. Our kitten - when he was really little - could clear a room with his. Now that Grandma isn't feeding him one or more cans of cat food a day, he's much better.

    1. We tried changing Scrappy's food once. Never again. Even he wouldn't sniff his butt then.

  2. Way off the leash here (read: off topic) but I wanted to tell ya this, BROTHER MARTIN:

    You remember some while back when you recommended (via my Comment Section) that Brother Beer Boy Bryan try Leinenkugel's 'Canoe Paddler'?

    It's a rye-based beer. I've tried it a couple times and it just didn't do much for me. (I'm used to, and prefer, much bolder rye-based beers like Bear Republic's 'Hop Rod Rye' and Sierra Nevada's 'Ruthless Rye'.)

    So, after that experience, I pretty much wrote off Leinenkugel's Brewery as a "poor man's craft beer wannabe".

    Well, a few weeks back, I stopped in at a sports bar, just to check the joint out. I was gonna have one beer and go. They didn't have anything that I consider A-list craft beer, but they did have Alaskan 'Amber', which is B-list yet pretty decent. So that's what I ordered.

    I was about to leave when I noticed they had Leinenkugel's 'Summer Shandy' on tap. I had no idea what that was, although I've seen billboards advertising it. So I decided to order one for the road.

    I raised it to my lips but before sipping I smelled that lemon aroma and I thought: Oh, no! Not a fruit-flavored beer! (I've sometimes joked that I only like "beer-flavored beer", and I have never once found a "fruit-flavored" beer I've ever truly enjoyed.)

    I took one sip and thought... Whoa! I believe we've found a winner!

    Since then, I've purchased and consumed a couple six-packs of Leinenkugel's 'Summer Shandy'. Man, that is one refreshing beer! Yeah, it's ultra-thin and fizzy, and it's almost like a half & half beer / lemonade, but it is very nice! I never would have believed I could like a beer such as this.

    I have since tried their 'Orange Shandy' - NO GOOD! It's like drinking a watered-down 'Orange Crush'. Yuck! Just give me an Orange Crush (or better yet, an Orange Julius).

    But this lemony beer is a perfect 'mowing the lawn beer', and at only 4.2% alcohol, I could drink these all day long and never once feel buzzed.

    Good stuffs, man. It would NEVER make my 'Top Ten Real Man's Beer' list, but there's a place in the world for a brew like this, and I'm digging it right now.

    So... thanks. Had you never mentioned 'Canoe Paddler', I never would have even considered trying a Leinenkugel's beer of any sort.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. We tried the Shandy... I agree with your assessment, but I'm not a big lemonade fan. The Orange might actually suit me better. I think it was Leinie's that had a blueberry beer I really liked... reminiscent of MD 20/20.

  3. Of course he sniffed his butt, we all like our own flavor. Whenever a battery dies on one of my electronics, I slaughter a goat and do a fertility dance. It never works but I can now talk to trees.

  4. You really should write a book of Scrappy Tales.

    1. I think this blog is about as far as ambition will carry that very good idea.

  5. It drives me bananas to be chugging along and all of a sudden an error message pops up even though nothings changed. Grr. I have one XP computer left. Can't stand it. I love my Mac so much more!

    Glad Scrappy is doing well after his dip into the cold waters. And, hey, he earned that big ol' fart!

    1. Usually he needs to sit on linoleum to get that sound. I was quite impressed that he had an "open-air" toot that loud.

  6. Chris:
    Good to see Scrappy walking about well enough.
    (and that he doesn't need that floatation

    I'll bet that water is HIGH, too.

    As for the camera?
    That's the ONLY thing I will not look for in ANY camera - a lithium-ion battery PACK!!!
    You can only recharge them SO many times before they give up the ghost...and you have to get another one (say it...battery PACK). and if they discontinue the model...oh, well...

    My current cameras ALL operate of the venerable AA batteries...and they be had for "a song and a dance" everywhere (but they never sell them to me for that, even if I perform a Broadway medley)

    Some of the new Canon, Olympus and FUJI cams take AAs, so we might be checking them out for pricing.

    (gotta have more than a 4x zoom, too and auto stabilization)
    Yeah, I'm a picky old fogey.
    (and a dry one once again,

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

    Stay safe (and well-charged) up there.

    1. Actually, my pack is in the springtime of it's life... I'm just not real good at observing it as I go. If it can come back from the dead long enough to shoot the deer pics, it's jake with me.