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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

You give 'em books, they eat the pages

This is a phrase an ancient co-worker (as in, "a past co-worker", not "an elderly co-worker") used to use a lot at our old job.  (He also used to say, "If it were up your a$$ kicking footballs, you'd know where it was", but I digress.)  Today I thought I might be away from those who would cause me to say that, as I woke up (in fact went to bed) achy and exhausted and called off work today.

However, all-day sleep was not to be mine today, as I had made an appointment to get the brakes checked in the Impala.  Since we are a one-car duo, I would have to rent a car to work through this.  So, plan was, go get the rental car at 3, drop the Impala off at the service center.  We went in to the rental place, got Laurie's end of the proceedings done, and I told her, "Go on ahead."

Minutes pass, and I am driving the tiny, wind pushed Mazda to the service center.

No Laurie, No Impala.

Call her.  "Where are you at?"
"You told me to go on."
"Oh, DUH!!!"

Yes, she had completed half the job and went home.  As she started on her way to defeating the idea of doing things efficiently, I went in to the service center and told the lady, "I have a funny story to tell you."
"I'm here to drop off a car I don't have."

Nonetheless, the job is now done, and the teeny little temporary member of the family is ensconced in the parking spot of honor.

"...and here's the keys to your new Speck...."

As long as you're here, here's some Scrappy walk pics from Sunday...

Brother Hawk was out and about...

I believe there is a family of chipmunks or gophers that live under the bridge.  They are driving Scrappy nuts... well as into risky searches.


  1. Maybe you could slide a mower deck under that "car" and come cut my grass??

    1. Cutting grass is anathema to my sinuses. And I doubt it's covered in the rental contract. I guess I could ask when we return it...

  2. That is funny. So easy to not communicate well when you think you are being very clear. Ah... well, you got a funny story out of it.

    That is NOT a car. It is a tin can.

    1. But it made the 14 miles we put on it.

  3. Well, I have a 2004 Miata, CW, so it's even smaller!

    My "big" car is a 2001 Pontiac Sunfire (the most expensive car I've ever purchased at $12K).

    I am a cheapskate when it comes to buying cars, and I drive them until they fall apart.

    At least you have a wife to give you a ride eventually. I usually drop the car off on Saturday mornings and walk the four miles home. Then depending on the season, I walk back in the afternoon or beg a ride if it's triple degrees.

    I guess I am too cheap to call for a cab, too. Besides, the exercise won't hurt me.


    1. After being pushed by the wind, I wouldn't own one unless I weighed about 100-150 lbs more than I do. Of course, I prolly wouldn't fit, then...

  4. I kind of like having a rental car unless I have it because my car's been crashed into and it's getting fixed. Otherwise rental means vacation!!

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  5. Whenever I see a hawk, I think of my time spent living in Germany. They were all over the place! It was kinda creepy sometimes to hear them cry out in the middle of the day.

    I have a neighbor who has someone visiting from out of state (per the license plate) who's car is so small it fits at the bottom of their driveway. You know the public part? Yeah, that tiny! What??

    1. Its a lot of fun to watch a couple playing, soaring in circles around each other. He was on his lonesome Sunday, though.

  6. Chris:
    Seems you have the SAME "affinity" for econo-boxes (formerly called Pregnant Roller Skates) that I do.
    Mazda, you say?
    (sounds like another
    The old commercial proclaimed that "Mazda's go mmmmm". Now they go "zoom, zoom" I believe.

    Those are GREAT hawk shots, too..
    Scrappy always seem to find walks exciting, even though he's been through there before. Gotta love that.

    Well done.

    Stay safe up there