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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And on the third day...

...he ceased to rest and posted something.  The barely-moving Mr. Martin is back to life today, and has a couple of things to share.

First, how about something neat?  A FB post gave out a website for the international space station that has an extremely neat live-streaming set of cameras on Mother Earth!  Check it out at (your link here) !  It is cool as crap!

Next up, I'd just like to say, where did Karen Richards find 16,704 idiots to vote for her in the primaries?  Now I will admit I am a registered independent and could not vote.  But I could have voted 8,000 times and not prevented the most dimwitted County Prosecutor since Eric Holder's youth from passing the primary hurdle.  I hope you all enjoy it when the next gang thug she gives a plea deal to robs you, rapes you, or sells your kid drugs.

As I told a co-worker, "I think she had a failed breast enhancement, and now just has the one boob between her ears."

 Oh, speaking of which, I got an e-mail from someone who could probably do well with at least 16,704 Ft Wayne residents.  Check this bit of electronic brain surgery out:

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"If you interesting"...   "If you don't like this info , please reply us!"  Got to love Chinese scammers who use Google Translate.

Finally, here's an 80 degree F trip to the hump'n'dump:

Scrappy meets Sam the yellow lab.  Sam and he got along great... until the same thought crossed their pea-brains simultaneously.  Scrappy tried the hump game first, but found it swiftly turned around on him.  As his owner peeled Sam off (just moments before Scrappy began to sing Something's Burning in soprano), Scrappy doubled back, and it was my turn to play peel the dog.  They were good for another 5 minutes or so before Sam initiated round two, with similar results.  Another five minutes, round three erupted.  This time, Scrappy was in no mood and turned with a growl and went into his "rearing stallion" pose.  Unfortunately for him, Sam was uncaring and tried to do it from the front instead.  Scrappy twisted his back leg under the weight and fell down, and Sam got taken home early.  No worries, Boofus is fine.

It was too hot after that to wander around...

Discovered my camera has a "take picture 10 seconds after detecting a face" button.  Too bad it didn't have a "tell stupid to smile" button.


  1. I recently had a transaction with a seller on ebay, one of my cloth diapers came .... defective... here is one of the messages I got from him, lol

    " I mean do you want to buy some others from my store. If so, I can send the new nappy. Ok? So sorry. Maybe my expression is not correct. Expect your reply"

    My head, almost, exploded.

    1. One must remember you are usually not dealing with professionals on eBay. One tried to send me bottle caps in a letter envelope. However, the stamps I didn't order came through just fine.

  2. Chris:
    I hear 'ya w/ Richards...might go to show that she IS the "best prosecutor MONEY can buy".
    (Bet she bought a LOT of votes with that money, too)

    Another thing about the primaries...How'd they they dig up over 2,000 votes for this SCHRADER guy???
    It was a CLOSE race for his "district" darn near split THREE ways?
    Are you kidding me?
    Goes to show that some people CAN be fooled ALL the time (well, at least when it comes to voting day).
    Gotta love those (very) LOW-information people out there.
    And yes, we WILL get the government we "deserve"...only thing is that it's not what WE deserve...nor want, right? the hump & dump pics...Sam reminds me of those big dumb dogs in the WB cartoons!
    (which way did he go, George?)

    Yeah, its already hot enough to keep me partially at bay...gonna really dislike summer...guess THAT is the getting old thing rearing it's head?

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Geez, Schrader ran AGAIN? A pity those what voted for him didn't GET him.

  3. Dang, it appears she also has one boob that droops down to her belly button; and hair resemblant of George Washington's. Why must the stupid weirdos keep rising to the top?

    I need all sorts of instructive buttons on my camera. I take those types of photos, but a lot worse, all the time. I just don't show anyone.

    Be well, CW.

    1. I just read that if Washington's sister had dressed in military uniform, mistaken soldiers would have saluted her. Not the same thing, but ...

  4. Oh Scrappy. You don't hump the first dog that comes along. Don't you know that???

    1. He only seems to do it to those bigger than him. Lately, though, that is a habit that is getting the better of him...