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Monday, May 12, 2014

Another one of those mashed up MWN and picture posts

ITEM:  I was thinking the other day how often I've talked about Scrappy's Landing, but I've never really taken you a tour.  So now, for your viewing pleasure...

Here's where we go in...
You have a turn here...

...and one here...

Then back this way...

Step over that fallen tree branch... more turn..

And you are there!

ITEM:  A new type of Tyrannosaur has been found at a Chinese construction site.  Smaller than a T-Rex but bigger than a raptor, it's striking feature is a long snout.

So when it came for a name for the uneducated masses to use rather than the Latin  Qianzhousaurus, the scientists came up with one that any child could remember:

Pinocchio Rex.  From Professor Jungchang Lu and Dr Steve Brusatte, leading the excavation.

"It might have looked a little comical, but it would have been as deadly as any other tyrannosaur, and maybe even a little faster and stealthier.

"We thought it needed a nickname, and the long snout made us think of Pinocchio's long nose."

ITEM: Two from local station WANE.  First, a Paulding, OH driver had a bit of trouble parking...

Two men, aged 48 and 68, drunk at 5:22 in the afternoon, had previously ran down a fence on one property, glanced off the garage at the next, and finally pulled smoothly into the bedroom of a third.  This comes just days after a woman did a late-night version of the same thing, narrowly missed having a 2X4 go through her head, and walked away... for a few blocks, where she collapsed and was reported needing medical attention.  Luckily, FW Police were able to put 2X4 2+2 together and woman, car, and stranger's house were soon reunited- prior to a trip to the county jug.

ITEM:  Today, Scrappy and I got a refreshing misting from this fire truck at the Plex.

ITEM: One Jawan Jordan proved to have no grasp whatsoever of the obvious in my other WANE story.  He was reported in a suspicious vehicle.  When police approached, he sped off, leading the cops on a merry chase, ending in a grassy lot where Jordan abandoned car and passenger by jumping out of the still moving car.  A K-9 unit swiftly tracked him down, gave him a nice bite for resisting.  But the beauty of this story comes with what he said after the arrest:

Jordan later admitted to driving the Saturn, fleeing, and running off.  He told police he did it because he was tired of being arrested for being a suspended driver and because he had successfully ran from police before and wanted to see if he could do it again.  Jordan also said he was hiding from police after running on foot that he could hear the police radios and the police searching for him.

A similar idiot was one Randall Reynolds, arrested for violating a protective order from an ex several times.

Between February and April of this year, Reynolds continued to text the woman, call her, and leave items on her porch.  The woman filed seven different police reports in reference to it.
Reynolds admitted to police that he called and texted her because she had contacted him.  He also said he had been to the woman’s home on at least two occasions.  On one he had left a note and some flowers on her front porch.  Police took the note.  On the second occasion, Reynolds said he just walked by her house.
When detectives asked why he called, texted, and stopped by he said, “I guess I’m an idiot.”

By George, I think you're right.

Greening up nicely.

Squirrels everywhere.

ITEM:  Apparently Swedes think cursing in English "(is) cute and charming", so one man in Gothenburg named his new sandwich shop "A F**king Awesome Sandwich"  (Not using the asterisks, BTW).  English and American expats are raising a ruckus,  because they have to raise their kids around such stuff.  Owner Christian Ingber, who- in an effort to be an equal opportunity offender- also owns a restaurant called Puta Madre (dare you to ask a Mexican what THAT means),  said the name was not to be taken too seriously.
"It's not the F word in a negative context," he told The Local. "It could be a question of humour, we thought it was a fun name. My seven-year-old daughter is not allowed to swear, but she knows how to use 'f-----g' in the right context."

Show of hands, those who believes there is a "right context" for a seven year old to use the F bomb.

ITEM:  Perhaps he would be better served just serving an F'ing awesome sandwich- like this one I stumbled onto.

Made by PYTs in Philly, this beast is a Southern-fried chicken patty AND a wonton filled with Pabst Blue Ribbon.  I was unable to find the price of this behemoth, but most of their offerings were in the $12-14 range. 

ITEM: The guests on Jordan's version of Meet The Press were getting a little out of hand discussing matters Palestinian, and as the poor host tried to calm them down, they began a tug of war with the desktop that separated them that led to the desks destruction.

My favorite part of the video, which you can watch here, was when the one guy actuall gets close enough to kick the other in the shin:

ITEM:  Actually saw some deer today.  They ran from a hiding spot after we got up from a rest stop, and paused when I could actually get a shot at them.

ITEM:   The winner of this year's Eurovision song contest was a bearded transvestite from Austria.  Conchita Wurst AKA Tom Neuwurst, won with a song called Rise Like A Phoenix. 

Speaking backstage later, Wurst said she felt Europe had taken a stand by voting her the winner.

Yup.  I got that.

ITEM:  In Dublin, a gangland bomber was placing an explosive device under a businessman's Volvo SUV.  Apparently, the seemingly sophisticated bomber did one incredibly stupid thing- he forgot that the clocks had reset to Daylight Saving Time that night- and the bomb went off in his face.  Police caught the bloodied man fleeing the scene- he must have gotten it close enough to planted before it went off that he didn't end up in the little terrorist's home in the sky.  But I'll bet he memorizes the local number for Time and temperature henceforth.

ITEM:  Can you explain why it's called "Gross Indecency?"  I can.  Wilson Benally and Sandra Kruser decided to have sex in public.  On the grounds of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Salt Lake City.  In broad daylight.  And WHILE a wedding was going on inside.  BUT that wasn't the gross part.  May I present to you 56-year-old Wilson and 60-year old Sandra:

Now THAT'S gross.


  1. I went through a rebellious phase in college when I used the F Bomb a lot. And the truth is that word can be a noun, verb, adverb, adjective... It truly is the most versatile word in the English language. That doesn't mean I want to see it on Restaurant Sign, even if someone thinks it is funny. And I never find it "cute" coming out of the mouth of children. In fact, I don't even appreciate it any longer out of the mouth of adults. Funny thing. Perspective.

    That sandwich looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.

    1. I wish I had never learned the word. And I certainly wouldn't let a heart attack stop me from trying it!

  2. Day 12. I'm still lost in the woods. These pictures aren't helping a bit.

    Also, I'd gladly sacrifice a few points of cholesterol for that sandwich. It looks pretty tasty, even if they do use PBR of all beers...

    1. Because you are looking up, with the pictures. If you watch your feet, like I do, the path is a lot easier.

      And I grew up with PBR, so that ain't no thang for me.

  3. Weddings just put a sense of romance in air - no?

    I wonder - what do you do to keep ticks off of you? You walk through some pretty thickly wooded areas.

    I pull up pretty close to my house every day so my hubby can fit his car into the driveway. I hope I don't end up in my spare bedroom one day. That would suck.

    Pinocchio Rex - finally. A dinosaur I can remember.

    1. Basically around here the secret to avoiding ticks seems to be avoiding long stretches of tall grass. And wear a hat. Scrappy takes Frontline.

      That weren't romance, I don't think. And I ain't sure I want to know what it WAS.

      Pinnochio Rex- but is it a new dinosaur, or just a pathological liar?

  4. Great picture of the deer.
    Yummy pic of the burger.
    Glad the one guy got bit by the K9 guy.
    Eww on the last story!

    1. Yes, thank God for zoom.
      Can't argue with yummy.
      Me too.
      Me too, doubled.

  5. How do you not have poison ivy?

    1. Wear socks, stay out of where the ivy is... and a couple years back, even that didn't work. There was a bunch right where we cross the canal. I didn't get it too bad. When I was a kid I got it all over pulling weeds from my Aunt Cleo's rose bed. Man, those shots hurt!

  6. Chris:
    As always, nature loves your camera...nicely done.
    As to the other stuff?
    -- Pinocchio Rex? They coulda done BETTER.
    -- driving into houses is becoming a bloody SPORT around here...thanks to the injustice system.
    -- Jawan Jordan is one of those SPECIAL kind of stupid mooks!
    --THAT sandwich would NEVER be found at ANY of my Philly haunts...believe you me!
    -- Love the Dublin story...they call it EDUCATION for a reason, don;t they?
    -- That older couple...(whew)...not the brightest crayons in the box OR the prettiest flowers in the garden, are they?

    Excellent post.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. IDK, that sandwich didn't look too bad to me... just wonder how big a mess the beer makes when you bite into it!