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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Decompression 2: What you can see when all the damn joggers are out grilling somewhere

Fox on the soccer pitch- that's the game I WANT to see!!!

This is ol' girl's mate.  We was out in the open, and chose just to watch and see what we'd do.

He basically stuck around until we got tired of watching him.

These were making the whole woods smell like a perfume factory.

I did a head count of our super-family- ten adults, 21 goslings, roughly divided in families of 3, 7, 3, 5, and 3.

Da dum...da dum... da dum...

Blue Jay and Blackbird were pal-ing around...

Look just left of center...

Muskrat with a mouthful.

I have to interrupt here to tell you of something that happened Friday.  We were just walking, and I wasn't of a mood to even take pictures, until, at a gap near California Road on the creek, I heard splashing...

So we had to climb across a narrow bank path and through thick brush to get here...

...a bend in the creek in which a group of BIG carp were spawning...

But today, we heard the splashing along the back of the main IPFW pitch.  Climbing (again through brush) down the bank opposite the Reed Island, we saw...

More carp, more splashing, all the way around the island and up the inlet.  It sounded like a bunch of drunks wading...After that we saw some ducklings at the duck pond (sans parents), but they took off as fast as you've ever seen ducklings move.  Soon after a bunny pulled a similar disappearing act, and then...

Then Scrappy found a fawn's leg.  Obviously SOMEBODY had a big meal.
I would suspect our foxes got it, but maybe not... I've long suspected, but have never proved, that bobcats prowl the area too.


  1. Chris:
    Between the flora (looks like jasmine), the fauna (goslings, and that wonderful "posing fox"), and yes, that includes the ever-ebullient Scrappy, too...that was one BUSY walkabout.
    It would appear you had a very blessed Sunday, brother.

    Stay safe up there.

  2. Wow... what happened to the *rest* of the fawn!! Maybe you do have bobcats...?

    PS... thanks for the add-on re. Col. Weir. (I meant to do a check on each of the individual graves featured, but ran out of time, so cheers :)

    Hope you're having a peaceful and quiet Memorial Day.

    1. I thought I might get a nugget on him, and got a novel!

  3. Those are the coolest pics of the fox. What a great walk!
    That poor fawn. :(