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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Fox on the run

She walked through the corn leading down to the river.
Her hair shone like gold in the hot morning sun.
She took all the love that a poor boy could give her
And left me to die like the fox on the run.
Like the fox (like the fox, like the fox) on the run.
Okay, so I like the song, but we did see one Friday.

The last picture is Scrappy pulling me at breakneck speed once we hit where the fox WAS and AFTER it had disappeared into the river woods, and TOWARDS where I had first seen her appear.  Once again, no wildlife was injured in the taking of these pictures. 

Or these:

Saturday we started with a clear blue sky, and the woods was greening up fine.

See the little dot in the middle of the bridge?

It was a squirrel!

1.25 what?  Miles?  Yards?  Parsecs? Pounds?

By the time we crossed the bridge into IPFW, the clear sky was not so much...

Lots of goslings out (Just wait...)

See what I mean?

It was kinda cool for turtles, but nonetheless...

Today I didn't get any pics, but we did see Grandpa Groundhog (after a long walk with neither of us having the energy to care.


I wanted to bring up one other thing I saw today.  The leftist wingnuts and union people in Switzerland, much like the ones on our left coast, are wanting to raise the minimum wage.  Not grasping the concept that McDonalds was never intended to be a job you raise a family on, the Swiss version of this huggy-feely group wanted at first to pass a law that would require that the highest wage earner in a company (i.e. the owner) could not make more in a month than the lowest guy made in a year.  This was overwhelmingly shot down.  So they tried again.  Now bear in mind that the AVERAGE wage per month in Switzerland is $4,990 a month, compared to $3,167 here as of last year.  The agitators put out a referendum to create Switzerland's first minimum wage, and to set it at 89% of the national average.  This would work out in actual dollars as $25/hr; or as a per cent of OUR average wage, $18.27.  So the guy sitting in the guard shack reading porn and the guy at the manufacturing plant and the guy flipping burgers were suddenly going to make the same- and $4.75 MORE than the average US wage.

Guess what, out of just under 3 million votes, the proposal got less than 670,000 votes.  Lost 72% to 23%, even worse in the two cantons that already had some form of local minimum.

It would seem at least the Swiss grasp the concept that higher wages need to attach to better jobs.  That a person working a dead end job with no skills doesn't rate the same wage as a skilled artisan.  Perhaps if they only had more Starbucks...


  1. I love seeing pictures of all the ducklings. Adorable.

    I'll tell you what, if McD's ends up paying their entrance employees $13, I'll go flip some burgers for a few hours a day. Ridiculous!

    1. Haven't actually seen DUCKlings, for all the ducks we've had, yet..

  2. Chris:
    Great pictures...and WHERE did all the GOSLINGS COME FROM?
    (My God...someone raided the hatchery???)
    I've NEVER seen that many in THAT long a Conga line

    As for the Swiss and their capacity for REASON...?

    (that's why I STILL find that braided hair Miss SO damn attractive...and the chocolate's not bad either, Bub)
    And every family is REQUIRED to have a gun...gotta love THAT, too.

    Very good post.

    Stay safe up there and Happy B'day, Buster!

    1. Just nice to see world news that makes sense for a change...

  3. It would be interesting to see what would happen if the Swiss raised the minimum wage. Oh wait... we know what will happen. All we have to do is look at our OWN history. 72% of the Swiss are smarter than most Americans. That is cheery.

    1. Ain't it, though. I'm sure if we really wanted to look at a foreign example, the flaming pile over in Greece would work nicely.

  4. Did you really call the "fox" a "her?"
    Cute goslings.

    1. Well, I believe her mate is a full red I've seen with her before... but I haven't checked, lol.