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Saturday, May 3, 2014

I want a new duck...

Here ya go!

Yep, it was time for a new toy.  One that might last a little longer...

 ...or maybe not.  So far, only it's head has been deflated. 

(PS- the mosaic on the TV stand conceived and constructed by Laurie, layout by Chris.)

 "But, Dad!  The fuzz calls to me for release..."

So next up was an evening walk.  There's a couple of doggies we run into often (twice tonight).  Master and leash are around the bend.

 Down at the creek, and Scrappy wanted me to go across.. you can see, I made it over the string of rocks on the left.

Scrappy finds some Jack-in-the-pulpit.

 See?  There's Jack.

 Something you don't see in the woods everyday- forks for a lift!

The river is now officially Waaaaaaay Down.

Remember last week when this would have been called "wading"?

I love watching the swallows gracefully dive bombing bugs.

And, from earlier in the week, goldfinch at the feeder.


  1. Some dog toys just never last. Poor duck. lol

    1. This one has a tough body. I think it will make it longer than the usual, decapitated or no.

  2. The difference between dogs and cats....dogs will actually play with toys.

    I have cat toys....they collect dust until I trip over them.

    The other day, while working at home, I crumbled up a piece of scrap paper and made my best Dr. J shot, missing the trash can by a mile.

    Rocky played with that scrap of paper for about three hours.

    And was pissed when I threw it away.

    Go figure.


    1. Well, dogs ain't exactly guiltless on that one. Scrappy will tear soft toys to bits, save the bits in his toybox, and every now and then expect me to play with a 2X4 piece of mangled cloth- and, as you say, get pissed when I throw it away.

  3. Chris:
    After seeing that poor duck, it makes me wonder what Scrappy's thinking when he sees the LIVE ones (bwahahahahaaaaa)

    And seeing Scrappy sniffin' on that plant, I guess we can say he DOES know "Jack".

    Yeah, the river IS a lot lower than just a couple weeks ago.
    Forks? Without the LIFT?
    WTH is up with THAT?
    (our locals dumping up by YOU now?)

    Really like those goldfinches, too.
    Nice to see the birds coming back out.

    Great pictures, brother.

    Stay safe (and photo-filled) up there.

    1. IPFW was cleaning out more of the brush along the trail near the bridge. I think they brought it along to pick up a tree that fell across the start of the ravine trail, and never came back to get it after putting brush on the bucket loader. Knowing the yout's around here, they better pick it up quick or it'll be in the ravine.