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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Now you see me...

...because I've been writing ahead.  See, after hearing me say that we were digging ourselves a hole for the last two months, my work has decided that the way to deal with it is to have me come in an hour earlier (their version of Martin Saving Time, I guess), and to have the lady that trained me run the cutter any of the time I'm not on it, and two hours after I escape, as well as trading lunches so the cutter rolls on.  So now, instead of getting up at 5 AM to work at 6, I'm getting up at 4 AM to work at 5.  Also, they've hired another lady with an eye to starting a split 1st-2nd shift on the cutter.  Which I'm not sure how that is going to go because the lady I trained last year for that very job is still around, and I think wondering why they haven't asked her.  The new lady is supposed to "shadow" me- eventually- but today she was stuck at the box-stitcher until right before I left, when she seemed to be helping the first lady at her station.  As long as they let me go at the end of my shift (which my poor befuddled boss almost didn't do because the concept of my starting at 5 just wouldn't come to her), I don't really care.

I was looking around at some blog ideas, which I was dry of tonight, and remembered a scam e-mail I was sitting on.  It wasn't anything new; but it was so well-written and professionally done, far far beyond the typical missive from Nigeria, I was going to give John Azikiwe, Esq., kudos for a good job- until I learned that Azikiwe, Esq., was not from Nigeria at all, but Togliatti, Russia.  Pretty bad when a Nigerian scam isn't even really Nigerian anymore.

I also saw, in casing out the stats page of this blog, that somehow it was reached by someone searching, "çok eski ihtiyar grandpa blog pornosu"- which apparently is Turkish for, "Very old old grandpa porn blog."  Perhaps it was yesterday's video of the elderly couple from the UK and their nude trespasser that lined that one up, I don't know.

Finally, I saw that I was just 678 pageviews away from 100,000! Am I excited?

Well, am I?

Anyway, let's adorn the end of this with some pictures starring- Scrappy!

I am Lord Beasley... and that is NOT a pussycat swallowtail!

A refreshing wade at the Spot.

Who let that idiot in there?


  1. I'm often up at 4 am. Time to make the donuts!

  2. People are often left wondering why the big shots at the office make the decision they do.

    And the Russians are just trying to take over everything. Poor Nigerians.

    1. Yeah, today the Ukraine, tomorrow- Nigeria! Just like the good ol' days.

  3. Chris: had me at "Martin-Saving Time"...!

    Love the pictures, too.
    I also got that same "Nigerian" scam...all that money and I would NOT bite at the hook.
    (yeah, we're the wise ones there).

    Good post.

    Stay safe up there, "Skipper".
    (well, you're certainly NO Gilligan)

    1. Yeah, it sure the heck ain't "saving Martin"...