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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Hump'n'dump was rockin'!

Two days of 8+ dogs at the bark park, and Scrappy is whupped.  I didn't get pictures the first day, but I did get some last night.

Scrappy, I think Roscoe, a little washrag of a girl I never heard the name of, and the head of Mighty Georgia.

Walks right in the way of Scrappy.

Trouble A and Trouble B.

The big black guy is Adler.

He came out like a demon dog here, but really wasn't.  He was a 170-lb catastrophe waiting to happen, and nearly knocked down every human in the place at one point or another.  When he did it to his mistress, she said, "Adler. I'm drunk, and I'm not enjoying this."  For the record he had a good 60 lbs on her.

That's all for today, since I have to get to work on Time Machine soon.  But if you think Scrappy got short changed in the picture department...

Here's one testing the camera a few days ago.


  1. You have a lot of remotes.
    Good pic of fierce dog.

  2. Love the name "Hump and Dump". Made my morning!