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Monday, June 16, 2014

Look at all the happy creatures

Friday night walk- honest-to-Noah, four- count 'em, four- ground hogs had just disappeared into this bush.

Muskrat at the Alumni pond.

Scrappy searches for him.

In the right side of that hole, a baby 'skrat.

Raccoon on the hunt in the duck pond.

Thursday walk

Prepare for lift off!

Out front

Cat nesting in a pine tree.... believe it or not.

Next, on Saturday we start at Calf Day at the Cook Bison Ranch in Wolcottville.

The little girl in the blue just petted her first goat and said, "OOOOOOOOH..."

Laurie feeds the llama

Buffalo Bill

This was our ride.

Away we go!

Laurie feeds a bison- says, "Oh, eww, buffalo slobber," and wipes it on my arm.

This poor calf had hid behind mom at the wrong moment.  We called him "Poophead", among other things.

Laurie's highlight- she feeds Poophead.

After the tour, I said, "First you feed them, then they feed me"- and off we go for bison burgers.

Never even noticed the lake next to the ranch until we left.

Next it was the annual trip to Black Pines, the local rescued animal place.  Here, the bird is picking his nose at us.

Zilla the "elderly" Iguana.

They call this a "savannah cat." it is a second-generation cross between a Serval and a housecat.  Like a bulldog, the variant nose structure causes breathing problem, and they don't think he has a sense of smell.  He had to be adopted when he tried to eat the owner's Chihuahua.


Three pumas.

At this point, one of the hosts got a text from a worker that he was stuck in their construction lift- apparently ran out of juice and was up in the basket.  The reply was, "So?"  I suggested we all go over and take pictures of him.

Grey Fox.

Trouble, the bear.

Best buds.

Kinkajou wakes up...
...and begins to dig... steal an apple from Joey the cavy.

Siesta time at the petting section.
Dwarf horse scratches his butt on the fence.
Here come Harry and Nancy.
With nothing to feed the emu, Laurie has him peck her root beer.
Chimp in the outdoor enclosure.  Laurie says, "He has something in his mouth."
It's a spoon.

Yes, that pile of stuff is an ostrich.



  1. Great pictures! Poor Poophead. Thats having a bad day when your mom poops on your head!
    I love bison burgers. They taste great!

    1. Seeing that they were serving them is what made me say, we're going HERE!

  2. That must have taken hours to post.

    I liked the baby buff, and the best buds.

    1. It did take a while... not hours, because I was doing it around midnight and I woulda fell asleep after much longer.

  3. Chris:
    Those are some REALLY cool pictures...yes, even of "poophead"...!

    Got an that calf "Bob", and I'll tell 'ya why tomorrow...(heh).

    They have a wonderful selection of critters up there. looks like everyone had a good time, including Scrappy (the poseable). He puts the RCA dog to shame (but don't tell him that..he might get big-headed).

    Thanks for sharing your road-trip, folks.

    Stay safe (and serval-free) up there.

    1. Bob the Poophead... has a nice ring, lol

  4. I felt a bit sorry for Poophead. That is what wrong place, wrong time looks like.

    And that mixed breed cat... Freaky.

  5. Looks like an awesome time, always a blast going to visit the animals :)

  6. EMU!!!!
    and TIGERS!!!!!
    what a lot of wonderful animals, pity about all the cages but at least I guess they are being looked after.
    I can imagine that a chihuahua would have been a tasty morsel for the beautiful Savannah Cat

    1. The folks at Black Pines REALLY care about their charges. It might not be the best of worlds for the animals, but it's the best of those now possible.