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Friday, June 13, 2014

Time Machine week 8

Today is June 13, 1972.  And when I looked up what happened today, I saw red- today was the day Hurricane Agnes was born.

"So what, you live in Indiana!"

I'll tell you so what.

I was ten years old, and the highlight of my life at the time was taking swimming lessons with my sister's kids at Jury Pool in New Haven.  And Agnes had just burrowed her way into upstate New York and Canada by the 22nd.

Still so what?  How about this:  she started blowing all that cold air down from Canada into Indiana.  How cold?  The high temp on the 21st was 84F.  On the next day, the 22nd, it was 64.  Then 64 again. Then on the 23rd, FIFTY-FRICKING-FIVE! Then on the next day, 60, before finally recovering to 77 on the 25th.  By then, we'd lost the second of the three week course, so they cancelled the rest.  That windy rhymes-with-witch cost me two weeks of precious pool time- virtually the only pool time I ever got.  So happy fricking birthday, Agnes.  I hope you were happy.

Welcome to Time Machine for this week, and I've got a new feature (probably a one-timer this week, called STRANGE NAMES.....  as well as all the other good stuff, so belt in, and we'll ascend above the eyewall and have some fun!

First off, I'd like to mention that this was the week Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway first teamed up on the pop charts with Where Is The Love.  And also the first week for a song that was a recent Battle Of The Bands (see previous TM's for info on that blog hop) contestant, Looking Glass and Brandy (You're A Fine Girl).

Next up, I'm gonna cheat a bit and jump to our "Never heard it before Time Machine" song.  This entry edges up into the top 40 this week, climbing from 43 to 39.  It is the last time that The Supremes Volume II (AKA post Diana Ross) top the #40 on Billboard, and it's called Automatically Sunshine:

One thing TM has taught me- I liked the Supremes a lot better AFTER Diana.

As I was looking at the bottom rungs of this week's chart, I saw three unusually named tunes, and I wondered what the stories were.  The highest of the three was at 67, on the way down from a peak of #60.  It was by MHOFer Tom Jones and was called The Young New Mexican Puppeteer.  This tune, I learned, was co-written by one Leon Carr, who besides being known for writing Eddie Holman's Hey There Lonely Girl, was also responsible for one of the most famous jingles of all time:

The second was called Pass The Peas, and was done by an outfit called the JBs, and was in its last week on the chart at #76.  I was a bit disappointed to learn that the JBs were the current backing band for James Brown, and with him also the composer, this instrumental was like many a James Brown song, just with a horn taking the place of his screaming.  

Number three was a tune called Men Of Learning, by the duo of Paul Vigrass and Gary Osborne.  They were an English act whose main claim to fame was as the writer of a song called Forever Autumn- the b-side of Men Of Learning, and more famously recorded in a beautiful version by the Moody Blues' Justin Hayward.  Osborne went on to write lyrics for the Elton John hits Blue Eyes, Part Time Love, and Little Jeannie. (BTW, the tune for Forever Autumn started out as a music jingle for a Lego ad.)  Vigrass, other than a short time replacing Tony Burrows as the voice of Edison Lighthouse, dropped off the face of the earth after 1974, according to one blog site.  I tried for 20 minutes to find a clip- but the only ones that had clips POSTED it as Men Of Learning, but was actually another song (not too bad) called Virginia.  No lyrics anywhere, either.

I know, I know, you wonder what kind of guessing game I have for you this week.  Get ready...

This week, we look at the tops of the charts around the US of A, and when last we met, the theme of this feature was "consensus".  This time, five of six stations I have charts for had different songs at the top- and all but one was in this week's top ten.  So here's the challenge:  I will list the six stations, you guess 1) which two have the same #1, and 2) which one has a non-top-ten national hit at the top of their charts.  The choices are:

KQV Pittsburgh
CKLW Detroit
KHJ Los Angeles
WDGY Minneapolis
and WLS and WCFL Chicago.

HINT:  The two Windy City stations do NOT have the two matching #1s.  Guess now, because the answers come fast!

Our top forty debuts, in addition to the Supremes, start with Bobby Womack and Woman's Gotta Have It, up a pair to the leadoff spot (AKA #40).  Two big jumpers come next- The Eagles' Take It Easy climbs 19 spots to #37; and The Cornelius Bros and Sister Rose (See, it rhymes that way) jump 23 notches to #36 with Too Late To Turn Back Now.  And this weeks' high debut is the Royal Dragoons' Amazing Grace, up 7 to #34. 

NEWSFLASH:  I have made a mistake!!!!!

"Note: one "awshit" wipes the board clean and you have to start all over again."

In juggling all those balls last week, I missed a top 40 debut- and it was a song I love!  Bill Withers' Lean On Me entered the 40 with a 14 spot jump to 36- and this week it nestles in at #21.  It is also the one #1 on one of those six stations- CKLW- not to be in the national top ten!  So there's the answer to one question....

Our You Peaked netted us only a pair of tunes:  Sly Stone's Smilin', which stopped at 25 and took a 38-spot plunge this week; and The Carpenters' It's Going To Take Some Time, which hit the wall at 17 last week.

And now, the top ten:

The Rolling Stones hold onto the #10 spot for a second week with Tumbling Dice.

Shooting into the top ten (taking the place of Look What You've Done For Me, down from 3 to 13) are the Fifth Dimension, going from 14 to 9 with (Last Night) I Didn't Get To Sleep At All.

Climbing from 12 to #8 (displacing Hot Rod Lincoln, who tumbles like dice from 9 to 15) is Neil Diamond with Song Sung Blue- who was #1 in LA and Minneapolis, which are your other winners!

Moving up a spot to #7 is Love Unlimited with Walking In The Rain With The One I Love- the #1 song in Pittsburgh.

The Staple Singers hold at 6 with I'll Take You There- the top dog on WLS.

Also holding is the Jackson Five with Little Bitty Pretty One at #5.

Climbing from 7 to 4 is Gallery with Nice To Be With You- the top dog on WCFL.

Sylvia's Mother climbs a spot to #3 for Dr Hook.

The Chi Lites slip out of the #1 spot to #2 with Oh Girl.  And that means that the #1 song- which is also 18 in its debut week at WCFL, 7 on WLS, also 7 (falling from #1) in Minneapolis, 13 on CKLW, 17 in Pittsburgh, and nowhere to be seen on the LA chart-

.....Sammy Davis, Jr, and The Candy Man!!!!!

That's it for this time, folks!  Stay warm and dry!


  1. Almond Joy has NUTS, mounds dont.... Thats some crazy weather you're talking about. Happy Friday my friend, hope it's a good one

    1. It was MISERABLE. How I cursed Agnes!

  2. It's chilly today1

  3. I'm gonna take a shot and answer the question the two stations with the same #1 Song LA and Detroit. If there is a prize I want what is behind curtain #3. :) j/k
    Great post and while I don't think I answered the question correctly, I did learn a few things reading this post!

    1. Well, as you no doubt saw in the top ten, you got one of the two right. Laurie also had the same right one as you (LA), but she guessed Pittsburgh instead of the right one, Minneapolis. Having been doing this for a while, I'd have never took Pittsburgh to match any one, they are always the odd ones out. And Detroit seems to either get songs a month before or a month after everyone else.

  4. Thanks for sharing Automatically Sunshine. It's a beauty. Based on that song alone, I'd have to agree with you. The Supremes were better after Diana.

  5. Chris:
    I guessed P-burgh & Motor City...(oops).

    Didn't know that about the candy jungle...And I love BOTH of th bars, which I only get at the local DO-IT-BEST.
    (dunno why...they taste better there?)

    As for the shoulda been on the RIGHT coast when most of those buggers came up from the Caribbean...nasty-ass weather for DAYS!
    We got walloped in Philly every time, and we were a mere 60 miles from the coast.
    Don't miss that now...just worry about TORNADOES!
    (out of the frying pan?)

    I actually like the cooler temps, however. have an ATTBOY certificate...haven't seen one of those for AGES.
    (nice to know some things never change)
    I always tell Wifey about the "legend" and how one OH-SH*T wipes away TEN attaboys...
    That got me smilin...nice job.

    Excellent ride this week.

    Keep on rockin' up there, brother.