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Thursday, July 31, 2014

And does anyone remember Chris's #1 rule for deer?

Here, I'll remind you:

Does pose.

These were from Friday night- fuzzy because of the "low-light" function.  She was just around the bend coming back into the woods from the south loop.

She's one of our old white-tail friends from a couple years ago, like the two bucks we saw the other day.  Unlike the black tails, the whites aren't near so skittish.  She was on one side of the trail, her fawns on the other in thicker cover.  She never moved at more than a saunter until we got done taking pics.  Then she ended up on the other side of the woods and posed for more.

Just to clear up ambiguous geographic terms, here's a three year old's attempt at "maps by paint."  Green is the woods outline; gray is the trail system, including the loop and a dotted line for an animal trail that we use to cut across sometimes.  Blue is the creek.  1 is where we took these pictures, 2 is the world famous "spot", 3 will take you to the bridge, 4 is the big tree where we cut through when the grass near the woods isn't so high, 5 is where the bucks were a week or so ago, and the 6 at the end of "dead tree road" is the barn.  To the right of the woods is soccer fields, to the left is meadow and the medical park.

Right before these pictures by a day, Laurie and Scrappy and I had seen the fawns at play along the river, way off map.

But Wednesday afternoon, Scrappy and I REALLY got close.  We ran into them in the meadow- On the map, draw a line from the direction arrow to the "1", and where it intersects the trail is where this came about:

Twenty to thirty feet away from each other.  I call this picture, "Captain Oblivious".

The fawns basically froze in place, but the doe watched us and ate grass like we were part of the family.  We took our pics, I thanked them  all, and we left- and they never moved.  God, do I love white tails!


  1. Chris:
    Love the map (by "paint")...nice.
    Those last few pics are spectacular...the deer against the color of the foliage...quite beautiful.
    (good eye for photography)

    (oh, and a did what you said - drew a line on that ma to the "1" Wifey's miffed because of the SHARPIE marks on the
    S' plenty of WINDEX.

    Very nice walkabout.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. Only you, Robert... I'd have thought you were in enough trouble after I accused you of getting paint on the bunny last night!

  2. Liked Captain Oblivious. :-)

  3. Yummy and best served with Taters, Gravy, Green Beans and Corn and Biscuits!

    1. My niece's former husband would marinate in beer- you could eat them with a straw!