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Monday, July 14, 2014

Martin Home News

If you're expecting the usual stupidity from around the world, THAT I don't have the energy for right now.  But I can tell you why that is.

Saturday KC took me to an Indians game.

Rather than snooze the non-sporties out there with a lot of detail,   I'll give you these bon-mots:  After taking the first wrong turn, the Garman decided to give us pictures the rest of the way;  Made town at @1:45 for a 3 PM game;  1/2 hr looking for parking, 1/2 hr finding the stadium after we parked, and 20 minutes in the Rally Burger line (five of those under an exhaust vent that made it feel like we were in a clothes dryer), and we made our seats right at the ceremonial first pitch.  A questionable call by the home team's manager cost us three runs thanks to a rookie pitcher who had no business making his debut in a pressure situation made it a 6-2 loss.  And in trying to hit a decent convenience store on the way out, Garman (who insisted that our best bet was a Marathon that was tore down at the foot of a bridge that was closed) had us make several loops around what I called "the rectum of Cleveland".

The upscale outer rim of the rectum.

Finally hitting a station, I used the facilities only to start having a little bladder pain that about five miles out turned into a full-scale left side kidney pain that made me wonder if I was going to blow up before we hit Toledo.  Five minutes after finally told KC what was happening, it went away... until we got home 3 hours later and I had to pee again.  Three hours later, THAT attack went completely away and I fell asleep.

Shortly after lunch Sunday, it returned with a vengeance.  It stayed more or less active until 10:30 last night- when it went away again.  15 minutes before time to get up for work it hit again for about an hour.  It's been pretty quiet since, but it's even now getting close to time for some more ibuprofen.

So here, let me give you some more pics to look at while I go decide whether to die or not.

Hey, get off my rock!

A fun way to kill the shift for Ft Wayne's Finest- three city's, a sheriff, and one plain clotheser.  They were there when I came through at 3... all but one still there but just leaving when we came back through just after 4.


  1. I have never had a kidney stone. Is it possible that is what is going on here? Are there bladder stones? I just don't know. Seems like they have to pass from the kidney to the bladder. It could be that ever time you take a leak you move it a little further along the path to its "final destination." If that is the case, things could get a lot worse before they get better. My mom passed a stone several years ago and she thought she was dying. Not really. But it hurt A LOT.

    1. It's what's going on, all right. I've just never a) had one "start" so high (mine usually don't get noticed till they make it past the bladder) and b) had so many gaps of no-pain for so long between moves. That's why I called my sister, who's dropped 61 of the stupid things. And I know what your Mom means. You ain't dying, but it is a wishfull thought.

      The first attack in the car, I told my son it felt like his rather large roommate was standing right on the kidney. The second round wasn't so much in the back, but more towards the front. Third wave was back and barf, and then in the front for hours. This morning was mainly a back thing, and I've had a little in the front since then.

      Another unusual thing is the success that ibuprofen has had this time containing the pain. Most times, I don't even waste the pills until the main event is over and I'm sure it's passed. Right now, I don't know if the darn thing's gone and left a trail of infection, or it's planning more sneak attacks.

  2. The boy...excuse me, man...and I went to an Indians game several years ago. It was a lot of fun and I was pleasantly surprised that Cleveland was no more and no less a shithole than most of the other shitholes I've been to (and I was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut).
    The Indians lost 3-0 to the A's, but that's a different story, altogether.

    1. No, I've seen much worse. The rectum of Cleveland is relatively clean- but still not what we were shooting for. At least you got to see the best team win! (A's fan 42 years)

  3. GO TO THE DR!!!!!
    Glad you had fun and some quality time with your son but Go to the Dr!

    1. Going to the Dr for kidney stones is much like going there for broken ribs- "Take two aspirin as necessary, no heavy lifting, call if symptoms persist."

  4. Sounds like an uncomfortable experience. Never had the pleasure of anything like kidney stones or gall stones nor do I want that experience.

    Tossing It Out

  5. Kidney stones are almost as bad as child birth. I hope it passes soon!

  6. Feel better soon, Chris. I have no idea how long it takes for these things to pass, but I remember a co-worker dealing with his for a couple of weeks. Ugh. Oh, and if you go to the doctor, maybe they could give you something for the pain?

    1. Laura and Elsie: It is either in the bladder puddling about or has passed and infection is working it's way out. Haven't had a major pain since Monday morning, and have actually went 16 hours between ibuprofins! But if it was my first diagnosis, the best is yet to come...

  7. Chris:
    Still got my Indians hat...from the Lofton
    (yes, I did also like Rollie Fingers a LOT, too way back when)

    Isn't it amazing how it's not hard AT ALL to find the seedier sides to most ANY major city these days?

    Looked to be a decent ballgame.
    And after you spoke about the GARMAN problems, I thought that was YOU in that white vehicle parked up in the stands,...LMAO.
    (nah, yer better than that, right?)

    As to the urinary woes...I can refer you a VERY good specialist at Parkview...seriously.
    Kidney stones (yikes)...less calcium maybe?

    Get on the mend soon, 'K?

    Stay safe (and well) up there.

    1. We all got Lofton jerseys as we walked in, too!

  8. Hope you are feeling better now. Hugs xx