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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

And now, what I was GOING to say...

...before death interrupted, was about the walk Scrappy and I got in on Saturday.

We were sticking to the woods since the trail was being inundated by runners of every stripe.  To me, you wanna run, run on the streets and bike paths, you aren't paying attention to your surroundings anyway.  Leave the woods to those who live in it and those who appreciate their beauty.  ANYway, we were following the dry bed on the northwest side and were just about to recross the trail, when the runners came through- and Mama fox came tearing past, escaping the selfish thoughtless runners and coming right past us.  Long story condensed, Scrappy followed his nose and soon we had lost the fox but found were we came into the woods at in the first place.

Then it was down along Stony Run for a rest and a quick dip.

So we disengaged from the woods and crossed the empty field towards Coliseum Blvd.

Something dead at the Coliseum?

Still wet from swimming.

From here, we cut across to the river, and took the path down to Johnny Appleseed to see if the boardwalk had been repaired.

Turns out the damage wasn't on the path to Appleseed, but on the spur to North Anthony.  And no, not fixed yet.

Chillin' at the dam.

All kinda fishermen there.  Even Kingfishermen.

After a nice long rest on the far side of the boat landing, it was time to head home.  Including backtracking after the fox, 3 hours and a shade under 4 1/2 miles.  Thus, it wasn't a surprise that scrappy was willing till today for another jaunt.

Today, though, we were under a threat of rain, so we were going to make it a short one along the north canal trail.  We ran into a nice gentleman and had a short chat, when I said, "Look, on the bridge..."

Yup, Mama fox yet again!  Our new friend got some shots on his laptop, too, hope he got some good ones!


  1. I never would have thought you'd see that fox again! Nice pic!

    1. The foxes have turned up a lot more than normal this year. As long as the socceristas aren't carpeting the universe, they'll pop up about anywhere.

  2. Love that you saw her again!!! And holy cow (the bridge)... that'a a whole lot of damage. YIKES! There's flash flood warnings for tomorrow north of us...rain all over regardless though. I'll be hunkered down after the doctor's in bed... not to emerge until Thursday. Lucky me. :)

    1. Make sure your bed is equipped with floatation devices!

      Seriously, I just got off your post. I'd be laid up a lot longer than Thursday... but I could do with starving for a month.

  3. What a great picture of you and Scrappy and the ones of the fox are awesome!!!
    That bridge was pretty damaged. Hope they can fix it soon.

    1. IDK, they've waited 6 months as it is...

  4. Chris:
    More great pictures...well done.
    "something dead at the coliseum?"...LOL
    (oh, what I could post here about THAT query)

    You find birds around there I can only read about...amazing we have SO many right here.
    Wonder if that fisherman will EAT what he catches (mercury check)?
    Those foxes look cute (not if you corner them, I'd wager).

    Nice walkabout

    Stay safe up there.

    1. Again, IDK, the one that snuck up and barked at us was pretty cute!

  5. I just scrolled through the photos today as I am just in so much pain that I would get distracted and have to start again so I gave up and just looked at the photos and what great photos at that

    1. That's okay, dear, just feel better- hope the pics helped a little.

  6. Awesome walk. Looks warm too.