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Friday, September 19, 2014

A couple stories, a few pictures

After an afternoon of making fools of uncomprehending RadLibs, nothing cheers one up quite like pictures and Scrappy stories.

The first story finds us on the path behind the IPFW Alumni Center, heading east.  As I turned north at the trail along the canal, Scrappy decided to turn south.  He feels the groundhog hunting is better that way.  He was wrong though, for I had no more than turned when a groundhog ran across to the canal about 30 feet ahead.  I said to Scrappy, "Ooh, did you see that?"  At about the "you" in that sentence, an intercontinental ballistic beagle shot past me after the now-vanished critter.  Surprising proof that he does use his eyes for some things.

For example, this pair of deer that he saw before I did earlier that same walk.

Speaking of things he saw first, an eerily similar event happened this afternoon as well.  We were on the Plex side of the canal heading south when Scrappy took off again, dragging me in his wake.  This time, by the time I saw it, was another varmint about 40-50 feet ahead- a distance at which he normally can't tell fellow canines from small children, tricycles, or hairy logs.  But he did this time, and off we went at as full a speed as I can achieve (without a bear behind me).  The Gronudhog, was 1) right on top of his den, and 2) too entranced by the sunshine to move until Scrappy was less than ten feet away.  I'm really giving thought to releasing the leash one of these days to see just what he'd do with one if he caught it.  It might not be pretty, but it IS on his bucket list.

Here are some more shots from today:

Darn camera shy...

A road to ourselves...

Fee, fi, fo... what comes after fo?


  1. FUM? Love the pictures, very nice walk I'd say. I miss going for quiet walks .. Id even do them alone at this point!

  2. You live in such a gorgeous place. Maybe next weekend when the hubby and I have day off at the same time, I'll talk him and the kids into a hike and share our beautiful North Idaho early fall. The Tamaracks are starting the change color and it is beautiful.

    1. You might not think so if I took shots of all the riverbank garbage, but there is beauty to be seen anywhere if one has an eye for it. Waiting patiently for your scenes!

  3. Chris:"Intercontinental Ballistic Beagle...HEH!!!
    (that;s funny)
    Goes to show that your area, although familiar, is ALWAYS in some state of natural flux...
    Always something to catch the eye (or Beagle-scent)

    Good photos, brother.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I was hoping someone would like that line...

  4. The amazing thing about our new house is that there are tons of deer in the neighborhood. They're practically pets because they are the smart ones that reside in the "no hunting" zone.