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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

After dinner deer

Well, first we have yesterday's pics from early afternoon...

We accidentally chased this squirrel up a tree.  He was hopping along the branches... guess he didn't want to jump to the other tree.

Different squirrel, pretending to be a branch.  Not real good at it.

Darn near missed her along the back trail.  She held still for one snap.

I was just telling Scrappy it was odd we hadn't seen a puffball all year.  Then he found two.

And that brings us to tonight's after dinner walk.  A walk pretty uneventful until we came out of the ravine trail into the woods...

There were three of them peacefully munching at the side of the trail... then came this blonde jogger.  Even running, she got super close to them... but then she yells to her partner about ten yards behind her, "Hey!  Deer!" and waves her hands like she was shooing a mentally challenged cat off her lap.  Slightly brighter, her partner replies, "Don't scare them!"  But they had already disappeared.  I headed north up the trail, and we did our usual cut through to the south end of the loop.  I figured they would follow the creek up between the retirement homes and the med park, and we'd seen the last of them.

 But I was wrong... they had come up through the brush, crossed the creek and the south loop, and now we were going to spend the next few minutes taking a few steps north, stop and look, take a few steps, stop and look...

After that, we ran into a lady and her dog.  She remarked to her dog about Scrappy's good manners.  After I got done laughing, I remarked she HAD to be talking about HER dog.


  1. Squirrel pretending to be a branch was the funniest part.

  2. Chris:
    Great pictures (as nice to have a slice of relative tranquility so close to home.
    That one picture of Scrappy in the middle of that clearing made me think...
    Should call that area "Scrappy Glade"
    (as per middle English referencing)

    As to the joggers?
    They better have been good-looking...a small compensation for them to spook the deer...LOL.
    And I'm SURE Scrappy is "well-mannered" for a male of his years and upbringing.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. She wasn't too bad... I just wonder if she thought they were going to eat her or something.