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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Johnny Appleseed and Bark Park

Scrappy meets a new girlfriend, Maizy.  With Lexy and Black dog I don't know yet.

Kaiser, Scrappy, Lexy, and Maizy

Hey, Dexter!  Watch me beat up Lexy!

Take that, you cad!

Wait!  I want to nibble on you...

Just as I snapped, Dexter rushed by...

Three way battle- Maizy, black dog, and Scrappy's ear

And at Appleseed...

Following the pipes...

Amazing Grace...

I fought a war to let THAT jerk become President?  Sigh...

Wait a minute... I know its a new phone but it can't be THAT difficult....


  1. Chris:
    Great pictures, especially at the Appleseed Festival (sorry, Scrappy, but you're ALWAYS cute).
    Nice of "Abe" to stop by as well...(very good caption to the

    Guess they fires off that CANNON as well (?).

    Again...well done and better coverage that ANY local station of paper.

    Stay safe up there.

    1. Yes, they usually fire the cannon at regular intervals... I just wasn't there at the time.

      I couldn't believe my incredible timing on the Lincoln picture.

  2. Replies
    1. You shoulda heard what Johnny said...

  3. Loving that Appleseed... dead on. :) And I admit, I'm jealous of the bag pipers. I LOVE them. One of the guys at work plays. Years ago when we had to wait for an "all up" time before we could go out on the road, he'd go up into the offices and practice. It was so surreal.

  4. I don't get why people dress up like such, but to each their own