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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Out in the woods

Just another afternoon's walk...

Yet another puffball... I guess I was just early.

There was a chipmunk there a second ago, I swear!

Starting to Autumn up around here.

The latest in technology- a sign that indicates a turn that actually turns!

Now THAT'S a puffball!  Sounded like a slightly underinflated volleyball when tapped- and about the same size.
As we were walking, I heard my text sound go off.  I had two messages, but because of glare, I only saw the second.  It was from KC:

"Don't Eat Breakfast".

Scratching my head, I responded:

"Little late for that."

While KC puzzled my answer, I figured out there was a first text, to wit:

"Road trip tomorrow."

So as I was sending "Oh?" in response to that, KC was replying to me:

"Y is that"

To which like a proper smartass I answered:

Because I don't eat BF at 3 PM."

At this point, KC is lost and I try calling him.  No more do we say two words, and his phone (that brand new phone he just got) cut us off.  I called back.  He said, "My phone doesn't get good service inside my apartment", and had been rushing outside when it clicked off. ( phone...)  So I explained about the mix up, had a good laugh, and asked him what the road trip was about.  Apparently he's found this little place that he wants to take me to tomorrow.  OK, says I, what time?  He says, call me when you're ready. I said, just come over when you get up.  He says, "Do you know what time I get up?"  I said, I get up like 8, 9 AM.  He says, "Oh, maybe you should eat breakfast."  Why, says I.  "We want to shoot for about 12," he says.

"That would be lunch," says I.

"I know, I just thought you might want to be extra hungry."

Sigh.  Okay, so we get done with details, hang up.  I no more hang up and the phone rings.

"Hmm, must be Laurie," Thinks I.  But there was a growing disconnect between mind and body being brought on by contact with offspring.  I pulled out my phone, and saw it was KC.

My thumb said, "Nope, not Laurie",  AND HIT DISCONNECT.

My mind shouted "No!" and then thought, "Oh well, he'll probably blame it on his stupid phone.  He'll call back if'n it's important."  He did not.

Later that evening, he would call back, on an unrelated matter.  I asked him why he called the second time, and he said, "I didn't.  Sometimes the phone doesn't get the call disconnected before I put it back in my pocket, and it hits "send" again."

---------------- "I'm happy with my simple phone..."--------------------------

On the way home, we ran into Nova and mom.  Now, when they first met, Nova was just a little bigger than Scrappy.  But now she's almost twice his size, and still the uncoordinated puppy.  Scrappy is old, was hot and tired, and enjoying the effects of a pill and a half of Benedryl for his scratching, and didn't exactly appreciate the landing of her two giant front paws on his back- her way of saying, let's roughhouse.  So, he let her know he was displeased, forcefully enough that she bowled over on her side with a what the heck just happened look on her face.


Those of you that are facebook friends know that last night I began my adventure in Spotify.  To say that this was an epiphany over Pandora doesn't do it justice.  So, I slowly figured out how to make a playlist.  Two hours later, I posted to FB:

    Okay, just investigated Spotify. In two hours I have a 654-song playlist and forgot about dinner.

It swiftly became an addiction.  As it stands this morning, I have a nearly 94-hour long playlist, which would be longer if the Beatles and Dylan weren't such douchebags over copyrights.  I have been playing the songs alphabetically since approximately 9:30 last night, stopping at 1 AM and picking up where I left off at around 8:30 this morning- and at 10:50 AM, Big Wheels by ELO is playing.  This is going to be a problem for me...


  1. Nice post. Puffballs are good eating.

    1. Haven't had the courage yet. I'm a lazy cooker.

  2. I love going for a walk without having to actually

    1. I have a few like you that feel that way. Glad to help!

  3. Great pictures! How's the weather out there? We're enjoying a little bit of Native American Summer here. I had to coach three baseball games yesterday and got sunburned. The beautiful weather is on its last days, I'm afraid. Soon enough...shoveling.

    1. It has been fantastic lately. The cold comes on Mondays, and we only had rain at night.

  4. Chris:
    Holy crap...that's ONE big puffball...!!!
    I thought they were baseball size...

    As to the new phone/tech issues..."meh".
    I like a phone that IS a phone...period.
    (Yeah, I know...SO Draconian)
    But, it sure doesn't cause me problems.

    As to "Spotify", or Pandora, or whatever ELSE others believe that I "need" to have that I refuse to bow to...I don't do those either.

    I'm so LOW-tech, it's not funny.
    I put an LP on the turntable and listen to it...LOL.
    (or a cassette in one of the players)
    But, if the need arises, we CAN listen to a CD (through the DVD players) on the computer OR on top of the TV...
    I do know I'm in the 21st century...heh.

    Very good pics (naturally).

    Stay safe up there.

    1. I'm told puffers can be watermelon sized....