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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Spams and slams

As I may have mentioned before, this has not been a good time to find MWN stories.  Something about sinuses and lots of internet time don't seem to work well together.  I did get this one story off Epoch Times, about the latest giant dinosaur discovered in Argentina...

So, meet Dreadnoughtus, the 65-ton, 26-metre-long plant-eating behemoth from the latest Cretaceous – 84-66 million years ago – found in Argentina. It is named after the British battleship HMS Dreadnought, the first in a series of ships that sparked an arms race between Britain and Germany before and during WWI.

Now here's one for you to think about- just what makes this story MWN-worthy?  Answer in a little bit.

Here's a bit of irony- I recently got this spam comment on an old post:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Step into my time machine week 75... and mind the ...":

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Yeah, I have a spam issue AND YOU ARE IT!

Apparently Megapolis Hack is a game-cheat tool based on a Facebook page (and gee' thanks for that!).

Speaking of spam, Laurie has been inundated of late by spam calls, so when I got a call from a number I didn't recognize, I just assumed and hit the ignore button.  A half-hour later, Laurie got another one, so I looked it up.  Then I looked up mine.

It was the CU that holds our car loan, reminding me their payment is due.  OOOPS...


So you missed one day of work dept.:  Remember the long story about my machine a while back, in which it just suddenly decided to cut first and draw lines second?  This is a problem for many reasons, not the least of which is that if you cut first, drawing the line second moves the fabric.  Last time this happened, after I and our facilitator e-mailed the guy at corporate who knows how to fix such things SEVERAL times to nothing but excuses, until I went to our spanking new plant manager who swiftly received a "Yes, sir, right away, sir!" reply.  So our senior engineer (the word "engineer" should tell you where this story is headed) was SUPPOSED to write down what to do in case it ever happened again.

And, it happened again.  And instead of transferring his notes to "the black book that I use for my brain", he apparently transferred them to the nearest trash receptacle.  Thus, he had to call the guy at corporate again... this time, I was there to watch and write everything down.  I'm not going to trust his "paper brain" any further than I trust his organic one.

Not on his desk that I know of.  But should be.

Next, as I was cutting an older pattern, the machine suddenly stopped and asked to be reset.  So I reset and re-started.  This time it broke my blade when it stopped in the exact same place.  Change the blade, reset everything, start again.  BREAKS THE BRAND NEW BLADE AND STOPS.  Put in another new blade.  reset, re-start.  Stops in same place, but spares the poor blade.  Repeat one more time with same result.

Fine.  I'll just call the part a loss, move the fabric down, reboot the pattern from scratch.

Worked fine.  Nary another problem.


On the other side of the brain divide, Laurie texts me that the funny occasional screeching noise from our AC blower is getting louder and more obnoxious.  The other day, Scrappy went over to the intake looking for the puppy he thought was being ground up.  So Laurie called the complex.  "I figured we better do something before the motor seizes up or something."

Guess what?  The motor was about to seize up.

The guy said, "We have one we just re-conditioned back at the shop.  I'll be right back."  Laurie showed him to the door.

I said, "You should ask him for a job application while he's at it."


All right, so what was so funny about a dinosaur found in Argentina being named for a British Warship?

Oh, I don't know... perhaps the irony of naming anything after a British Warship in ARGENTINA....


  1. I usually don't answer my phone. People don't call me either. Win win.

    1. Lucky you. Laurie got like seven of those calls in one morning!

  2. Chris:
    -- BIG lizard, hmm?
    -- the ONLY SPAM I permit is that which I can enjoy as a sandwich or with eggs...!
    -- Yep, whenever a "questionable" call come along, look it up. It MIGHT be mui importante.
    -- Machines and bosses and engineers at work...never gonna play nice together as long as people like US work for them and FIVE A DAMN about
    -- Yep, that A/C "squeal" (outside) are the motor bearings getting ready to take an indefinite "leave-of-absence".
    (never to return).
    Good call getting the maint. guy on it BEFORE it gave up the ghost.
    Always remember...things make NOISE for a reason..
    (except for boomcars)
    Very good post.

    Stay safe (and dry) up there.

    1. I was thinking about retracting what I said afterwards, thinking it might be taken as mean spirited. All I will say about the next day is, I am no longer so inclined.

  3. I realllly need a copy of that book!! How are you my friend?

    1. Fine. Still waiting for that cottage cheese, lol!

  4. Coulda been worse. Coulda been "Belgranosaurus."

    1. In our neighborhood, that would translate to RiverHavenosaurus.

  5. Ok we all have had a spam issue at some point......right...........
    Now as to that book it is one my sister could do with being hit over the head with, she wouldn't read it but hitting her over the head with it might