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Monday, September 29, 2014

The groundhog story

Those of you who are FB friends have already seen this and wonder WTH?  Well, now those on the blogosphere can say it too!  Anyway, it's the time to answer all your questions about our rather unhappy rodent here.

It was a typical Sunday walk... well, maybe not typical, as you might extrapolate from the talk that the Lord and I had to have after the Sunday Message yesterday-  But, by the time we hit the river it was more or less typical.  Except the river was way low...

And we were making out way along the bank to see if there was anything interesting washed up.  Sorry, nothing doing.  So we went down the south trail across the bunny field.

An early morning fog had lifted into the mesosphere... it was a beautiful day.  We crossed at the rise overlooking the Alumni Center  which I have decided we're going to call Mushroom Hill after these little guys and their several brethren.

And yes, I've skipped past the groundhog incident so I can show you these other interesting picutres as well.

Ah, autumn.  The season of new-fallen trees...

Well-hidden squirrel.

All right, back to the ground hog.  The west end of the trail is a collection point for the area's construction vehicles, for some odd reason, and was against one such that I spotted the rodent du jour:

Despite my best efforts and the varmint's apparent obliviousness, I could not get Scrappy to remove head from butt long enough to notice him.  I was considering picking him up and punting him like a football in the right direction when the victim finally noticed us, said, "Oh, $#!t!" or the marmot equivalent thereof, and dove into one of those tubes you see there- which are actually poles for lights presumably to be used up on Coliseum.

Despite our best efforts (well my best efforts and Scrappy's half-witted efforts to sniff him through the pipe), our little friend remained quite safe, and after about ten minutes we gave up trying to convince him to come out.


Oh, and I should let you know about the road trip thing.  KC had found a neat sports bar and grill that he wanted to show off.  So he tried to retrace the way he got there- back roads from Hicksville to Defiance, Ohio- and after several wrong turns (one of which led us to the bustling corner of Buckskin Rd and Farmer Mark Rd in beautiful downtown BFE), we managed to backtrack by sheer luck to the point of our error, make a turn at the gas station with the big fish:

And finally arrived at our destination- just across the street and across the US 24 exit from the Big Boy Laurie and I stopped at when we went to Turkey Foot!  Another words, we could've hopped 24 and got there in about 2/3 the time (well, 1/2 when you figure in our detour to BFE).

"It was the only way I knew to get here", said KC.  And that was problematic...


  1. I saw a bunch of those same mushrooms on our hike yesterday. The only wildlife we saw though, was a chipmunk. And my kids.

  2. I saw the picture on Facebook.
    As Paul Harvey said, "And now you [I] know the rest of the story. Good day."

    1. I'm sure you were waiting with duly bated breath!

  3. Replies
    1. Not as poor as if Scrappy woulda paid attention...

  4. Ok for years I had no idea what a groundhog was, I don't think we have them down under, the mushrooms well I have seen mushrooms before along with toadstills..............just saying

    1. I don't think you have them either, but they go by so many different names, it's hard to tell for sure.