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Monday, October 27, 2014

Points and pictures

Point 1-  Well, two weeks since I whined about my KCAs being 1-5 in our fantasy league. Last week, we rolled up a 42-30 win, and this week we got the league's high score for the year thus far with 70 points!  Now, I just need Dallas's kicker to score 18 or less tonight.

From Scrappy's Landing

And the wooly worm says- not too bad a winter!!!!

Point # 2-  I was astounded that any team in NCAA football could do such a thing to a foe from their own conference, but TCU rang up an 82-27 win over Texas Tech Saturday.  So many points, in fact, the University said today that they had burned through all the fireworks they had ordered for the WHOLE season already, not even having enough for their last score!  That is 200 lbs of fireworks- enough for a fifteen minute show- used up in just under 5 home games.

In related news, five male cheerleaders whose job was to do push ups after every score announced from their hospital rooms they were quitting the squad.

Hark!  Is that Polly Purebread I hear?

Point #3- Here's yer situation:  Late fourth quarter, bears trail the Patriots Sunday by 4 touchdowns.  So far behind, in fact, that Tom Brady is already in the clubhouse having a sangria while backup Jimmy Garapolo finishes the string.  Suddenly, Lamarr Houston of the Bears breaks through the line, sacking the hapless rookie.  He jumps up and down with his arms crossed in celebration- and then falls on his butt.  His legs had given out.  His celebration of a meaningless event in a game his team had already lost caused him a season-ending ACL rupture.

Hmmm.  I wonder if that level of brain power is what got the Bears beat.

(NOTE:  Former Bear Brian Urlacher says it might just be because Bears QB Jay Cutler is an elite QB in paycheck only.  And Lovie Smith says, well I guess there is one good thing about being in Tampa now...)

I really wasn't looking for another squirrel pic.  But he POSED.  Stared at us, not moving, 15 feet away, until I took the photo.


  1. Beautiful photos as usual.. I always enjoy your walks.. What river is that?

  2. The squirrel is the clear winner in this post, as are you, for capturing the photo.

    1. Like I said, he did everything but hold up the cartoon sign that said, Take a picture! Scrappy coulda took it, except for the opposable thumb thing.

  3. The first pic is a keeper. I have the exact caterpillar pic from last week. Even the asphalt is the same. Weird.

    1. I was going to say, but it was on stone... but then I remembered, no idiot it was on the bridge, and thus asphalt.

  4. Love those pics! And it's great when wildlife demands a photo shoot!

  5. Fantastic photos!! And I have to say, I left Tony alone for most of the game, but once they pulled Brady, why continue to watch? I mean really? a 30+point lead and he had to curse and swear until the very end... *sigh*

  6. Ok where are the photos of people pointing or of dogs pointing or of pointing dogs oh I see how it is again I read the title wrong this is not a post about pointing oh well I came I looked at the photos and now I leave...............bye

  7. Chris:
    Sorry, but Scrappy gets an also-ran for the photos.
    That squirrel is the hands-down (or is that PAWS-down?) winner here.
    (must be related to our "Mr Wrinkles...or maybe "Patches")
    We still love 'ya, Scrappy...don't worry about that.

    Stay safe up there.