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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

A few walks in our future...

So here I sit listening to my Spotify, wondering what I'm going to talk about.  Currently playing is Don McLean's Crossroads.  Which, while I know Bobby G. knows what I mean by "appropriate" on this one, the rest of you might not.  So...

I've got nothing on my mind,
Nothing to remember,
Nothing to forget.
And I've got nothing to regret.
But I'm all tied up on the inside,
No one knows quite what I've got,
And I know that on the outside
What I used to be
I'm not

You know I've heard about people like me
But I never made the connection.
They walk one road to set them free
And find they've gone the wrong direction.
But there's no need for turning back
Cause all roads lead to where I stand;
And I believe I'll walk them all
No matter what I may have planned.

Can you remember who I was?
Can you still feel it?
Can you find my pain?
Can you heal it?

Then lay your hands upon me now
And cast this darkness from my soul.
You alone can light my way.
You alone can make me whole
Once again.

We've walked both sides of every street
Through all kinds of windy weather;
But that was never our defeat
As long as we could walk together.
So there's no need for turning back
Cause all roads lead to where we stand;
And I believe we'll walk them all
No matter what we may have planned.

Hah! ;And I've got 'em playing in alphabetical order, so Don's playing next with Crying!

Anywho, we're still awaiting the day (our main customer) pulls their collective lead out and gets busy again, and thus I have a 4-day weekend.  And my intention is to fill it with two things.  One is the music... here's the other.

Scrappy checks out a fallen tree with cute little button fungi all over it.

That is not a vine in the foreground- that is a maple tree which decided to grow along the ground for a while before heading upwards.

Getting harder and harder to see squirrels against the grey.
Kinda unusual at the bottom...

...but big and strong nonetheless.

Scales and moss fight over this fallen branch.

I might have mentioned this before- neighborhood kids did a darn fine job on a wigwam.
Apparently the halloween fungi blooms twice- and once is right on time.

A stop at The Spot!

Smiling on the inside... guess it didn't leak out.

The trail behind the IPFW soccer field was full of robins... a blue jay... and a couple of woodies...

Looking down on the mud flat...

There you can see the squirrel a bit better...

Everyone talks about Brown County in Autumn... I been there... okay, so it was dark and I had about a 1/32nd of a tank left and every building seemed to have it's own Jed Clampett on the porch... but I still wouldn't trade the colors up here for Brown Co. even up.

On the way home, Scrappy sighted and charged a ground hog... some three times farther away than the one that he didn't see go into the light tube... and took my abdomen with him.  By the time the rest of me slinkied back to my leash-bound guts, the 'chuck still hadn't seen us barreling towards him.  Soon my brain also caught up to my body, and I had about a split second to consider letting him off the leash before our target finally made it down the hole.  Ach, I can use a good run once in a while.

One last note. My beloved Oakland Athletics got bounced out of the playoffs in truly embarrassing fashion last night.  All the players on both sides say it was one of the best games they were ever involved in- going 12 innings and seeing the A's blow 2-0, 7-3, and 8-7 leads just doesn't do that for me.  I have but one thing to say on the subject:  Jon Lester wants to re-sign with Boston, let him.  Send him on a rail,and lash Dan Otero to his frickin' back.  We gave up a 100-RBI man for his two months?  Whaddabunchamaroons.


  1. I think no matter where you are, the colors are beautiful. Youngest is heading to the White Mtns (NH) this weekend and I'm half temped to head up after work to do some hiking (The ankle's MUCH better with help from the Plaquenil) despite the rain. :) My pay cut/workload cut is effective Friday, so while the cut in pay is sucky, I must say I'll be enjoying the extra free time... Fall is my favorite season.

    1. I think they are too. But the elitists out here tell us you have to go to Brown County to really appreciate the colors, and I think that's BS. I hope the ankle holds up, and the enjoyment can work in tandem with the income. I've now got extra days off, and Laurie missed a day this week with her version of the kidney stone from hell.

  2. You have the same color that we have.

    1. Yep. Snuck over and stole it, I did!