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Friday, November 21, 2014

And for the next disappointment this week...

You click on the handy dandy link to the Cashbox Archives, and see:

Account for domain has been suspended

Yes, it's time for the seemingly every year "Cashbox forgot to pay the bills" time.  Now I could just go on and do the post... I suppose...  but when you have a special thing planned (the #1 Top Top Ten and the #1 One Hit Wonder's Next Hit), it kinda takes the fire out when you try switching to Billboard in the interim and have to start out with, "and for the hot 100 debuts this week... three of them debuted last week on Cashbox... two of the ones last week on CB STILL haven't hit the Billboard charts... and the one that's left is The World Is A Ghetto by War. "  Rather appropriate, no?

Or I could try gritting my teeth and going on, and when I get to the end, tell you:  "Well, some songs seem to be moving like they were on CB (last week's #10, I Am Woman, moved from 8 to 4... Freddie's Dead, slowing down at 6 last week, drops to 7 on BB... and the song that moved from 5 to 2 last week on CB, I Can See Clearly Now, spent its second BB week at #1)... Some are like a week behind (Nights In White Satin, falling from 1 to 5 on CB last week, falls from 2 to 5 on BB this week;  I'll Be Around, which moved 5 to 3 on CB last week, moves 5 to 4 on BB this week);  Some are a little ahead (I'd Love You To Want Me was 7 on CB last week, moves 3 to 2 on BB this week); Some are a little more behind (If You Don't Know Me By Now, 16 to 8 last week on CB, 20 to 13 on BB this week, and Convention '72 and Witchy Woman on their second week in the top ten); and some are way, WAY ahead (Burning Love and Garden Party, #s 1 and 3 on CB last week, respectively, are all ready OUT of the top ten (19 and 12), having peaked on BB in OCTOBER..."

Screw that noise.  This is not a week, with my attitude about everything this week (see the last couple of posts) that I feel a need to doink with giving my effort to a sub-standard post.

This show has STANDARDS?  Who knew?
If this is like other years, CB will be off line for a couple of weeks, and Time Machine will be in for a holiday refitting.  If not... I don't know.  Somewhere in the near future, I'll certainly show you those two tops I promised, mayhap in conjunction with the threatened promised Great Nineties Countdown which I will do in January regardless.  Maybe I'll evolve a "Volume IV" at some point.

It was November 21st, 1972, and like Bob Foster by Muhammed Ali, Time Machine got KOed by Cashbox.  And the ref is giving an 8 count...


  1. Bummer.

    Yip. That's all I got today. I'm also kind of fed up with the internet today. I hopped on Ticketmaster to get Tony's Christmas gift today and was told I had 8 minutes of waiting time for over 48 minutes.

    I finally went "old school" and ordered the same tickets over the automated phone service, got FLOOR seats, (19th row) for the same price.

    Let's see a twenty-something think of that. :)

    1. Kinda reminds me of the plan for TM I have coming up...

  2. I have never heard of cashbox, but I would like a box full of cash but don't think that is what cashbox is which sucks

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure why they picked the name. Not sure what Casbox- or Billboard, for that matter- has to do with music. You get that box fulla cash, let me know!

  3. Sorry CW. But I do appreciate your mention of If You Don't Know Me By Now -- because I had a nice slow dance to it with a cute guy years ago.

    Keep faith. Your posts are always entertaining,

    1. Maybe someday we'll get a slow dance to it- just for fun. I'll try to stay off yer toes, lol!

  4. Chris:
    Sorry to hear about the CB situation and the resulting fallout to your TM...(but I am working on a "logo" of sorts...maybe have it in time for your return to the posts.
    And while the WORLD is not a ghetto (yet), my part of Ft. Wayne sure is TRYING like

    Anyway, you deserve a little time off...I honestly don't know HOW you put the TM together EVERY week (insomnia?)
    It's well done, lots of good facts and great music.
    I'm sire there are alternate sources if the need arises and CB drops the ball.
    (Keep your feet on the ground & keep reaching for the stars.)

    And stay safe up there, brother.

    1. I do have a plan in mind... that will eliminate CB and BB altogether. Stay tuned!