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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

So, young man, you've been awful quiet lately...

That's right, no Sunday message (God had nothing for me to say as yet Sunday... but something IS brewing), and no Martin World News yesterday because it was just too damn cold to go looking ( at least that's my excuse).  On the bright side, I did get around to replying to three posts worth of comments I had zoned about, as well as finishing (for the moment) my online Christmas shopping.  But today, I'll bring up some things on my mind.

The last news I looked at last night was the story that the Governor of Missouri is calling in the National Guard just in case the cop that shot that idiot du jure is declared cleared and the natives decide to riot.  You know, I am done with idiots that think every case, every judgment, every law that goes against a black man, whether lowlife or not, deserves to be celebrated by "righteous" mayhem.  I am sick of people who can't look in the mirror and say, "the person who failed that young man is ME."  Mom, dad (if you were around), you raised Michael Brown- or so the story goes.  Maybe you shouldn't have let the streets raise him.  Hey you, with the brick in your hand, tell me how "sticking it to the Man" by looting some uninvolved shopkeepers's livelihood does anything other than paint you as a sub-intelligent, sub-human douche canoe who likes to wrap "out for #1" in social issues you could give a crap about.

The first story I heard when I got home today was the murder in the synagogue of 4 worshippers by two Palestinian scumbags with meat cleavers.  And now, the neighborhood is celebrating this wonderful offering to their god of butchers by passing out candy as if it's Halloween.  So, anti-Israeli mouthpieces, tell me again how the Israelis are the savages, how any "repression" they use in Gaza and the West Bank doesn't have a justification.  Tell me again, Sweden, how the Palestinians showed us today how they deserve that independant state you want them to have.  (I guess I shouldn't be so hard on the Swedes.  Anyone who thinks putrified canned fish is a delicacy has MANY issues.)

Then I go around the blogosphere, and I see stories like this one (Thanks, DC), and follow it up with this one .  (Thanks, JDay.)  For those disinclined to click on links, one is a blog post about the shitstorm that hit Kurt Warner for having the effrontery to suggest that "solid science" hadn't shown him proof of evolution causing the procession from one species to another.  The other is a post about NoCal residents who think that water is a precious resource that shouldn't be wasted, "except by me."

You know, one day I'm going to bow to the evidence and admit that Carlin knew what he was talking about.

And then you have our leaders.  Let me not spend time on bashing Obama (who's really drifted into the realm of "self-bashing" by now) or Putin (who got pissed at the G20 summit that everyone wanted to talk about the Ukraine and nobody signed on to the "sperm-by-mail" plan from last week and left early), but rather, let us look at the magnificent achievements made by the "Party at Brisbane" bunch.  There were six main initiatives that came out of the G20:

1- In order to stimulate the growth of World GDP (which I find amusing in itself, because if GDP means Gross Domestic Product, what is World GDP- the trade and products we ship to other PLANETS?), they came up with (an in an amazingly short time) a THOUSAND policy measures ( and assure us that at least 800 are NEW ones) that they hope will add $2 trillion to WGDP.  Questions:

- A thousand?  Really?  And if 200 have already been done before, why do them again?

- One I have asked before: is there really that much more value to the world economy than say, ten years ago?

- How about the analysts, who say most of the initiatives, while better than earlier ones (presumably the 200 recycled ones), are still "insufficiently precise"?  Big surprise there.  I mean, kinda hard to be precise when you are coming up with one new idea every three minutes over two days.

2- A goal of increasing the number of women working by 100 million.  Because it's more important to have a broader payroll tax base than to see that children are properly raised- er, I mean, because we want to break down the barriers keeping women out of the workforce.

Did you want fries with.. oh, crap!  Fatima's sleeve caught fire on the grill again!
3- What should be called the Burger King Law- an agreement to "exchange information" to stamp out tax evasion by moving from one country to another with a lower rate.  I would have thought the first step in stopping tax evasion would have been to eliminate secret Cayman Island and Swiss bank accounts, but wadda I know?

4- Working with the world banks to raise their loans for infrastructure improvements around the world.  Two things on this:

- The Asian Development Bank estimates that from 2010-2020 -which, you might note is a ten-year period- in Asia ALONE, $8 TRILLION is needed just to keep from going backwards.  How do you feel about that $.60 gas per gallon tax now?

- The group working with the bank has a 4-year mandate.  Which means they've got to find that $220 million a day over ten years in loans in just four years.  Good luck with that.

5-  One of the six great problems according to the G 20 in the world economy is the cost incurred by migrants trying to send money back home.  Because Western Union must charge way too much to wire that tax-free dough the illegals living 20 to a house are sending home to ma and pa.  They say it costs 8% of what they make, and G 20 wants to drop it to 5%.  My payroll tax is 8% .  My heart bleeds.

6- And we must, repeat, MUST do something about corruption.  Burt what?  I know- we'll "agree to share in writing what steps (each nation is) taking to prevent abuse of shell companies " that hide the identity of the real owner.

Ooooooooooh... that's tough...

But we did make some valuable steps at the summit.  We now know that you shouldn't chew gum in public as a delegate, and you should let Chinese ladies freeze unless frozen to.  And you should smile at photo-ops even if the hand you are shaking is attached to a big horse's ass...

So what this post boils down to is, there are just days where I'd as soon hear the Lord call me home and leave this place to the idiots.  Let them do their thing, and see where it gets them, without my involvement.  But.... unless I get electrocuted in the bathroom in the next few minutes, or Scrappy kills me for giving him his dinner late, I guess I'll have to sit back and shake my head.

I don't like the way that sounds, mister...


  1. That is one of my favorite George Carlin quotes, CW....and i quote him often!

    Sadly, since those LA riots in 1992, justice is now about preventing civil disobedience rather than actually getting to the truth of the matter.

    So the officer will probably be railroaded.

    It's not that Justice is blind....Justice just does not want to clean up after a riot.

    1. You are on a roll, sir... dead on the head. Justice would much rather follow the crowd these days.

  2. I opened up Fb this afternoon (first mistake) and saw a "liked" post that read "Why is it that the 2 black people that came to the US for ebola treatment died, and all the white ones lived. Explain that to me."

    I'm paraphrasing, but really??? Is there anything people won't make into a race issue?? EVERYONE has said the two that died were extensive cases... period. Why do people have to take it into an entirely different thing?

    1. Because this is a polarized world... we have been so long away from a truly uniting catastrophe, it may be all we hear forever on...

  3. So we have a large office in St Louis and we actually have a plan of attack so to speak in case it riots. We have to close the center and 2 of our other centers in LA and MN will be the back up. Our employees cant get to the office and it could be dangerous. This is all so crazy! Love George Carlin and even more the pic of Scrappy

    1. I sure hope it doesn't come to that. This whole thing is so pointless. BTW, that Scrappy pic (which I use whenever I want to show "Scrappy p.o.ed") was actually after he got a taste of a dark beer during a beer tasting me and KC had. KC had spilled some, and Scrappy licked it up, but liked the light lagers he'd tasted much better.

  4. Reading these things makes it all feel overwhelming and pointless. Yeah, I get why you are ready to just go Home and be done with this mess. I've actually taken a lot more notice of who has died in the last few years, envying them a bit. Of course, it doesn't help much that most of my family has passed, leaving me in the minority here. When someone passes now, I tend to think, "Lucky bastard. They no longer have to deal with/listen to/be a part of the crapola going on down here." I know that sounds cynical, but really... This place is a mess."

    And that Carlin quote... so true. Social media (like FB and Twitter) just make the truth so much more OBVIOUS.

    1. Thanks for understanding... really.

    2. To follow up on the "what's the use" thoughts you both express....

      Keep in mind that just as every generation of teens attempts to rebel, every generation of....guys our age and women like Robin who are 29 and holding...have felt that the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

      Jon Stewart had a quote after the 9/11 incident-something to the effect of while 11 men used planes to kill thousands, hundreds of people rushed into buildings that were collapsing around them to save others.

      An awful lot of people are good people...unfortunately, you hear the voice of the fringes most often.

      Arent something like 77% of Americans Christian?

      I am sure not all of the remaining 23% are beyond redemption.

      A lot of the tone on my blog is for humor, but I still have faith in people (except for drivers who I consider to be idiots, which is pretty much all of them)...let's not count humanity out yet...

    3. I once figured up using some shoddy math and suspect estimates that if the proportion of Noah's family/the rest of the world at the time was to be a guide, we'd have to be down to enough Christians that they could fill the Ft Wayne Memorial Coliseum with room before the end comes. While I realize that had nothing to do with reality, I bring it up to state I do realize it is not hopeless.

      Maybe if 77% of "Christians" were Christian, I'd be a bit more confident.

      I'm not about to give up yet. "Pray without ceasing" reminds me of that. But some days we just feel "our age" more than others. Yesterday was such a day for me. Sometimes you just feel like the only options are hitting all the idiots in the head with a baseball bat or resigning from the world and let God do the bashing for you. But I'm still breathin' so there must be a reason.

      I follow too many people with too many little kids who need a Godly friend in this world to clamber into a hermit's cave yet! Don't mean I haven't been rent-shopping, though...

    4. CW-

      Please do not take my above comment to mean I do not endorse hitting all the idiots with a baseball never know when you may rattle something back into place!

  5. I've found myself in a bit of a funk, awash in a sea of despair (just dusting off metaphors here). I'm reading about World War II (a little light reading to help me sleep ;-P ). From what I gather, even during that war's darkest days, it seemed apparent that the government was looking out for the people (even frikkin' FDR). Now? If something bad were to hit the fan (I maintain it already has), I have no faith that the folks who couldn't lead ants to a picnic would protect us. I hope I'm still around to tell my grandkids story of how wonderful the United States once was. When I get nostalgic for the Clinton Administration, something is terribly, terribly wrong.

    1. I know what you mean... Obama has been the single greatest thing to ever happen to Bill's rep. I can remember threatening to someday urinate on Clinton's grave. Nowdays I'd be more likely to do it on Hillary's.

  6. Chris:
    You're SPOT ON with every single point...!
    And yes, I'm also PO'ed at all the "injected racism" regarding anything and everything.

    Whatever progress we REALLY made in race relations since MLK has been wiped from the slate, and it's gonna be a tough road to travel until we can find someone who CAN (again) unify the races, instead of further dividing them (as someone in the White House seems to be doing).

    Love that Carlin quote...and for someone we could call a LIBERAL (and anti-government) Old George DID manage to get a lot of things 100% CORRECT.

    Excellent post and comments.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Yeah, he was better than the usual blind hog...