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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Monday, December 15, 2014

Mondays suck

I had every intention to post something light and happy today, perhaps featuring a bunch of pictures from our Sunday walk.   But, when the sun peaked over the horizon and pushed what fleeting light it could past the clouds, it was... Monday.  And as always, Monday is a pitiful exercise in survival.  Or, as I told Laurie on the way home, ""This was the kind of day that F* Story gets home and tells it's wife the day was a F* Story".

And then, the news.  First up, Laurie tells me of her post on FB:

Just watched a video, on the news, of protestors in New York chanting " What do we want?Dead cops!When do we want it? Now! If the President, Sharpton, Jackson, and Diblasio don't condemn this, we all should be very concerned if not scared. IMHO Protesting is one thing, but this is way over the top!

So first thought, "All right, a-holes, why do you want cops dead?  Why do you want ANYONE dead?  You have all this concern for thugs who aren't worth a tear, who have NO concern about those they victimize, but let a cop put one of these lame excuses for humanity out of our misery, and HIM you wanna kill.  And the sad thing..."

The sad thing is, they aren't smart enough to know what hypocrites they are.  And it goes on...

As I get the lowdown on this sorry son that took the hostages in Australia.  An Iranian who begged asylum from that nuthouse so he could spend his time writing HATE MAIL TO THE FAMILIES OF FALLEN SOLDIERS.  I hope Dante finds him an extra cold spot in the bottom rings of hell.

But those idiots calling for dead cops would probably want me to sympathize, show him tolerance, understand he was- what did they call it?- a"damaged individual".

Then we had the guy that killed 9 family members in Pennsylvania, just to remind us that jerks come in a variety of colors, faith, and occupations (though an increasing number of them seem to be springing from the Philly area.  Personally I think that has to do with having the Flyers in their city all these years, but I have no numbers on that.).

I left work after a day of 25 recuts, a label printer that just had to eat a label smack in the middle of five other disasters, a document printer that is acting like an electronic jackass, and a cutting machine that responds to our company's expert trying to get it to behave right by getting far, far worse, until he manages to move it back to merely fubared.  And this is the world I come home to.  So I download the walk pics to brighten everyone's day, only to get blurry, just missed, out of focus... oh, and these:

Hmm... Duck soup...

River still waaaaay down

And yeah, just before we got home, the sun came out for like 10 minutes.

So last Friday I took a half day, but before I left, we had a little fun.  One of the ladies decided to gift us all with Christmas hats full of goodies.  Others decided to wear the hats into the plant.  It became a whole big thing, and finally, a picture was taken (which you have already seen if you are a FB friend):

That's me, second on the left with the hat that took Cialis before wearing.  The author of our gaiety is front right in green.

One last note... sorta.  We have a winnah in the NHFFL's Super Bowl XVIII... but as the final score is not yet decided, I will wait until tomorrow to post the picture of the champion (Laurie, since both contestants were hers) holding the fabled championship cup.  Until then....


  1. "Looks like someone's got a case of the Mondays!" Forget cops; it should be legal in 50 states to shoot someone for saying that.

    I'm no fan of the police. I don't trust them to help me, and I won't deal with them unless I absolutely am forced to. But I don't want them dead. That doesn't solve anything. It just makes those on the other side of the police, especially victims of police violence, look like brainless barbarians.

    On a lighter note, as a guy under 6 feet, I need that hat. "Look ma, I'm 6'6!"

    1. IDK that hat didn't work all that well for me... if you'll notice, my Reds cap is underneath it.

  2. Dude-a dig at Philly and The Broad Street Bullies?

    Cold, man! Cold!

    Besides, wouldn't it make more sense that a Sixers fan went over the deep end?

    1. Sixers fans are used to despair. They wouldn't get all upset.

  3. I was wondering about that hat! New profile pic.

  4. I realize that not all cops are first class citizens, but still, our taxes pay their salary to protect us from low-life idiots who don't care about killing others. Take away the cops, we'll be back in the dark ages. I want no part of that. I'll move to Canada.

    1. THANK you- too many people want to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  5. I am a cop lover! My uncle is a retired sergeant of the City of Dallas and I have several friends who are cops. No they are all not good but most of them are. They really are doing the hardest jobs. No one likes getting caught is the problem. For protestors to want them Dead gives me chills. I cant imagine our world without them. Dumb ass people!!

    1. "Not getting caught is the problem..." Exactly.

  6. Chris:
    I just Thank God that MONDAYS only come ONCE a week, and always early on, so we can out them past us...
    --- As for the protesters...Komrade DiBlasio has done the unthinkable in the Big Apple - alienate the POLICE from the mayor (and staff).
    NOT a good thing in a city THAT large, and with such a vast ethnic population.
    But I did like what the NYPD (PBA) did...have officers sign a letter dissuading hizzoner from attending their funerals should they die in the line of duty.
    Not much else the police can do...perhaps a bout of "blue flu", like the good old days?
    Rudy Giuliani gets it - when the FIRST fist, rock or bottle is tossed by ANY "protester"...wade into them and start arresting...send a message without any "cooling off period".
    --- The "Philly" murderer...actually from a BURB of Philly, and not the city proper (they have plenty of crime as it is).
    --- And don't bust on the FLYERS...I remember when the "Broad Street Bullies" RULED pro hockey (and I stood 6 ft away from Lord Stanley's Cup and got a picture).
    --- Sounds like you're having a "Bob" kinda day with all that technology...I can SO relate.
    ---Amazing what just a SMALL amount of sunshine can do to a dreary day,hmm?
    (nice pics)
    --- Good to see some holiday frivolity at a workplace...I miss some of the parties we USED to have in Philly...oh, the stories that go along with THOSE...

    Hang in there, we're all in the SAME boat...just at DIFFERENT OARS, brother.

    Stay safe

    1. Bob, you know I'm an Islanders fan- the day I have a good thing to say about the Flyers (at least in the modern era where Montreal CAN be beat, and regularly) will be a cold one...

      But if it helps, karma comes back and gives me another day just like yesterday...

  7. There are some right bastards who wear a police uniform and they make it hard for us to trust cops

    1. The thing is, like with any rotten apple, it's the tiny bunch of bad ones that get the press.