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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

And when I came home... it was snowing again!

Hey, cool!

Well, until it starts getting all over me...

Wow, a selfie that turned out right the first time!  Didn't even have to airbrush out any buggers..

Snowman with pine dredlocks

He turned to pee on the drift and ran his face into it...
Hey! D'ya mind?
Sorry, but the snow-nose is too cute.

Y'know, this stuff's a bit deep...

I owe an apology to one of my partners-in-crime, who sent me something fit for Martin World News, and I forgot it because I had it stored in e-mails.  Without further ado...

ITEM:  A friend sent me two news stories the other day.  The one didn't seem like all that big a deal, so I deleted and moved on.  But then I saw the second one, and realized the depths of her genius.

Story #1:

OCALA - A 42-year-old woman was bitten by a rattlesnake Tuesday while shopping for plants at the Lowe's store on East Silver Springs Boulevard.
The customer was moving some plants around in the garden center at the home improvement store when she noticed a stinging feeling in her leg, according to a spokesman for Emergency Medical Services Alliance.
She looked down and saw the snake. The woman, whose name was not released, was taken by ambulance to Munroe Regional Medical Center, where she was given antivenin. She was listed in stable condition Tuesday night.
EMSA spokesman Randy Robinson said the snake, a dusky pygmy rattlesnake, is an aggressive pit viper. Its bite is rarely fatal.
"It can be extremely painful," Robinson said.
Employees killed the 1-foot-long rattler with a yard tool.

Like I said, certainly unusual, but outside the tragic end of the attacker, not really Martin World News stuff... until you read the SECOND story...

NEWSER) – A shopper opening a cabinet at a Lowe's store (that's right, a SECOND Lowe's store) got an unpleasant surprise: a bite on the head by a snake,WTVA reports. The snake jumped out of the cabinet at the store in Corinth, Miss., the local police chief says. The customer's condition isn't clear, but the good news is that chicken snakes aren't venomous, reports the Clarion-Ledger.
A rep for Lowe's didn't have much to say: "All I can share is that we're currently investigating the incident," she tells the paper. Chicken snakes are also known as black rat snakes, among other names, and they can be up to 5 feet long, theClarion-Ledger notes. They have the creepy ability to slither up wooden walls

That's right, two different stores, over 500 miles apart, and two different snakes- but snakes nonetheless, and BOTH happening at Lowes.  Bizarre coincidence- or conspiracy......

Yeah, and when she saw that snake I snuck in at Corinth, she jumped more than the one in Ocala!


  1. Snakes suck!! I hate them so much and I grew up with them in east Texas everywhere ( mostly water moccasins which are very poisonous) and tons of copper heads which are also very poisonous. The snow nose is very cute!!

    1. I've never wanted to live in the south for two reasons- poisonous snakes and exploding constipated tailless scorpions.

  2. I'm glad rattlesnakes don't enjoy our climate.

  3. I blame Bush of course .. Cute pictures ..

  4. You're right, that snow shot is just too cute. You must be so sick and tired of the snow right now. My area would be shut down for a month if we had that much! Stay warm!


    1. I'm sick of snow at first flake! I'm too old, and get cold too fast, to enjoy it.

  5. Chris:
    Love the snow pictures...
    Looks even better in a NICE neighborhood.

    That snake-bite thing?
    Makes me VERY glad we shop at MENARD'S...or DO-IT-BEST...!
    Never got bitten there, eve if the prices were a tad higher...

    I hear ' long as I "layer-up", I can take the cold, but still not as well as I could as a young'un.

    Stay safe and warm up there, brother.

    1. Just goes to show ya- when you come up to a strange plant (or cabinet, apparently), before touching it say "BOO" and see if anyone says "HISS" back.

  6. Eww, eww and triple eww! I had snakes. Am terrified of them. And that Ocala store isn't that far away. Yes we have snakes in the south but I would drop dead of a heart attack if that ever happened to me.

    1. I remember when I was a little kid- maybe 4- mom was yelling at my dog and me for running in one door and out the other. Seeing nothing wrong with it, we continued- and the next trip there was a big yellow snake on the front porch. Two days later, dad mowed the snake and turned him into a very dead Frankensnake. Two days after that, the dumbass dog brought it up on the front porch.

  7. Not all that surprising (when you seriously think about it) that a snake hid in the plants and made it to the Garden Center of Lowe's. Heck, I've heard of that happening at other stores. Word to the wise: Be careful in the Garden Center.

    But, NO ONE expects to open a cabinet (probably in the kitchen section inside the store) and have a snake leap out to bite you on the head. Poor lady.

    1. I wonder if she said to Lowe's, "Fangs a lot."

  8. Snow again? We still don't have any snow here in Los Angeles.

    Better to be bitten by a chicken snake than a rattlesnake I guess, but my preference when going to Lowe's is not be dealing with snakes at all. However it does sound like the snakes are easier to find at Lowe's than a helpful store clerk.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  9. A Poem of Winter:

    Snow Blows

    Okay, I'm done.

    1. I just told Laurie, "Do you suppose Al is in one of our family trees somewhere? Listen to this comment..."

  10. Hm, so if I need to snake my toilet, I'll go to Lowe's.

    1. Hee Hee! You'd need the rat snake for that. If it was just the bathroom sink, the pygmy rattler would do!