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What is it about nice people that attract total idiots?Nice people are martyrs. Idiots are evangelists.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Is this stuff contagious?

Normally I would vent about stupidity on a Martin World News post, but this isn't all "world news", so I'll do it here.

First up, a blog I was visiting (You know who you are, lol) had as the day's post a question involving if you could hypnotise someone for one day, who would it be.  And right before I had a chance to comment, another commenter came up with a liberal classic- he wanted to hypnotise a group of conservatives and ask them "Why they really hate Obama."

I gave a polite response, and warned my lovely host, but here in the privacy of my living room, I have this to say:

What an ass-wipe.

I am sick to death of liberals who cannot conceive that someone might possibly have a world view they don't agree with.  If I hate Obama, I MUST be racist.  Or I have been deluded by FoxNews.  Never mind that I have had my share of black friends, never mind that my political orientation was formed LONG before there was a FoxNews.  Never mind that in my heart of hearts, I believe that Obama and his associates' conception of what is good for America is fundamentally flawed.

So to him, I say, go ahead, hypnotise me.  Maybe you'll find out there are more genuine opinions about politics and life than your own- if you have the wherewithal to cope with that.

The next thing I found completely raving stupid today... well, here, read this paragraph from The Independent:

The leader of a right-wing volunteering organisation in India has accused Mother Teresa of only seeking to help poor people in order to “convert those she served to Christianity”.

This is sad on so many levels.  Let me try to help this person and her ilk to understand.

Mother Teresa is a NUN.  That means she is a member of a religious order of the Catholic Church, and thus a Christian.

That means that, in her world view, it would be a waste of her time to FEED people in this world if they are GOING TO HELL in the next anyway.

You don't have to agree with the Catholic Church, God, heaven and hell, or anything else to grasp the if-then logic here:  If she is a Christian, yes the goal is to save souls.

Okay, a third and less controversial rant:  I get my secondary news (such as this last gem) from an aggregator called News360 (yes, I've mentioned this before).  Now, it spreads a pretty wide net, but has an option where you can dislike a story and theoretically see less stories like them.  It does work, to an extent; and in a recent revamp, they've also given the option to tell them why you don't like the story.  It normally gives you four choices on this option- one is usually the news source itself, another the main person involved, and the other two one of the subjects "tagged" for the article.  Unfortunately, I have had a hard time convincing News 360 that I do not consider celebrity or entertainment news as "top stories."  So today, I notice an article about the latest news on The Bachelor, and thought, here's yet another opportunity to school them on my thoughts about celebrity stuff.  I clicked the thumbs down; I clicked the "tell us why" button.  My choices came up:

You Don't Like:

-Los Angeles
-United States Of America

And perhaps there is a reason, had I read the article I didn't want to see, that those would be perfectly logical reasons why I didn't like the article on The Bachelor.  What I was hoping for was more along the lines of "really stupid reality shows".

I'm hoping News360's next upgrade includes an "other" button.

Finally, I received a spam comment that tells me my continued admonitions to the population of Benin about getting keyboards where the keys don't stick are falling on deaf ears:

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"...I'd likie to see..."  sounds like the Beninese are learning English from the Mexicans at my old job...

NOTE:  My red squiggly line quickly let me know that in the above, I had typed "Eniglish" rather than "English" at first.  Hmm, I thought.  Eniglish- "enigma English".

I almost left it in.


  1. The Bachelor is important news in the world isn't it? The world of Honey Boo Boo's and Swamp People and Inbred Nations think so don't they? You make a whole lot of sense to me at least!

    1. I think I've clicked "celebrity news" on the "tell us why" so many times, they just don't wanna hear it anymore.

  2. All that I have in me must be kept in check to keep from pointing out to the more "open minded" that they are soooo closed minded.

    1. I've brought that up a few times. It bounces right off.

  3. Here's the thing... Haters are going to hate regardless of the good being done. Did Mother Teresa try to convert, yep. Was she always successful? Probably not. But here's the thing... she made lives better by her existence. Agree or not with what and how she led her life, she touched many... and continues to do so.

    And isn't THAT the TRUE purpose of living? To make a difference while we are here?

    1. Well it is for some people... for others, the score is more important.

  4. Chris:
    --Hell, you wouldn't HAVE to hypnotize a conservative to ask them WHY they detest Obama and his policies...just le them tell the TRUTH, orread a history book...LOL.
    --That's the thing w/ hard-core libtards...they have a wonderfully SKEWED world view, and since they cannot argue the points OF that view, they simply attack the "messenger", because they can't comprehend the message.
    --The MT thing...people of FAITH have this mandate to "help the needy", so anyone saying otherwise about her has their head up their A__!
    --CELEBRITY and ENTERTAINMENT...what I have I said numerous times about "what drives what" as far as what is today considered "newsworthy", hmm?
    (I still rest my case)
    --As to that SPAM...((shaking head and rolling eyes)) - all I can say is:

    Good post.

    Stay safe & warm up there, brother

  5. Oh yes the world is full of stupid people many of them related to my husband, yes he comes from a family of stupid people, honestly if he didn't look so much like his brothers I would have thought he was adopted, he has 4 brothers and 3 sisters and he is the only one with a working brain.......most of the others are deadbeats and dole bludgers.........just saying.........but lets move on this is not about my waste of space in-laws but what is this about again I have forgotten damn those in-laws getting into my head and making me forget stuff.............

    1. And our next contestant for best comment of the year...