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Sunday, February 1, 2015

The great snow of 2015.

So we are supposed to get 10-15 inches of snow out of this thing, and I thought I would try to keep a record of tropical storm winter storm Linus as it attacks.

Actual snow began about 10:30 Saturday night.

Oh, wait, this was from our pre-storm walk Saturday morning.  Here you can see the hill of sheer ice Scrappy was about to drag me down.

It was bright, sunny, and nice.

And Scrappy and I even wandered into a group of three people and 5 dogs enjoying the day, including the previously-mentioned Theo the Dalmatian.  They had a grand time as we chatted.  I didn't take any pictures, even though the older lady who owned the big red and black dogs and the white "little bitch" (her words) thought I should have gotten a picture of Scrappy humping the big red dog because "it was so funny".

Anyway, here's the scene about 11:30 PM.  Nice little crystally snow, little accumulation to start.

I woke up about 4:20 AM, gagging on reflux (another story, TMI right now;  last week Laurie had a stomach bug that I think I am in process of getting).  By the time choking, a sip of water, and two bathroom trips were complete, I saw us with maybe an inch and a half, and apparently nothing coming down.  We had survived wave one.

Laurie came in about 9 AM to say she was heading for work- which, at that point, I frowned upon:

Laurie: Are you saying I shouldn't go to work today?
Chris: I'm saying that it will, by the time you get off, be a lot deeper, a lot slicker, and a lot windier. And I won't be able to help.
Laurie: If it were Monday morning, and you had to go in with these conditions, would you?
Chris: Yes, but I trust my job to send us home if the (excrement)'s about to hit the fan. I don't trust yours (Wal-Mart). From my post to FB at 9:26.

In the time between gag-o-rama '15 and then, it had started snowing again.  I could see our car from my bed, and made note that the 2 1/2 inches covering the hood slid off en masse at around 8:20, as well as the heavy wet stuff starting to fall from the trees.

Laurie's tracks

About three inches on the back porch.

About that time, wave #2 ended, and Laurie was looking better and better.  In the mean time, I discovered that the site I get my international hockey scores from has not only a sound feature so I hear a cheer when someone scores, but also has a "my games" checklist so I can hear when our teams score and not have to look when Dumfuklington in the German double-A league scores.  So I put the games of the teams KC and I follow (and added one really bad Norwegian team that I knew would get clobbered, just for fun), and proceeded to surf the net to the occasional cheers as Kongvinger (that bad team) gave up 7 goals in less that half a game (including one point giving up 2 in 18 seconds, making two cheers before I could get to the computer to see what happened on the first one).

So then, just before noon, round three starts.

And again, its the tiny powery crap that could snow all day and not amount to much.  But there's a LOT of it, and it looks like we'll be getting it for a bit:

And that catches you up at 12:35, I'll be back later for more.

About an hour later, it had really picked up:

But due to the nature of the snow, it was still only about 4 inches off either porch.   KC called me a while back and asked if he should go to work.  I told him the situation, that the predictions hadn't changed, and he should give himself about an hour before he has to leave (third shift in Butler, not quite a 40 mile trip, mostly main but exposed roads) and decide.  Like Laurie, I think he was hoping I'd tell him not to.  Hell, I'm hoping to tell ME not to tomorrow.  C'mon, stomach bug!

Moments ago:

A map that Greg Shoup (local weather guy) just tweeted, with caption:

"Here is a map of snowfall totals through 1PM. ~ 10 more hours of snow still to come. ”  At 2PM here, I'm calling us at officially 5 inches.

Scrappy is not amused....

At 2:45, the first wave of sidewalk clearing comes.  Did I mention I love this complex?

At this point, away from the building I got 6 inches...Laurie makes it home safe at 3:14.  At 4:30 I measured 7 out front, my hockey list was all done, and Puppy Bowl XI could not keep my eyes open, even though they were keeping score (WTH?) this year.  I took a nap and when the dead arose around 6 PM...

Yep, coming down worse'n'ever.  Although it must have slowed down in our unconsciousness...

...because out front, the evidence said 7 1/2.

...while the "push me" pile on the back porch came in at approximately 17 inches high.  About two inches had landed on the sidewalk cleared just 3:15 ago.

Super Bowl Update:

End of 1st quarter: 8"
Halftime: 9"
Third Quarter:  No change.  Still coming down, but little bitty crystals/
End of game:  Heavy snow on Seattle;  Here, still coming down but not accumulating much.  It is drifting a bit, and the sidewalk is at 4 inches (7 1/2 hours after clearing).  Back much the same.  Seems like it only really collects where you've shovelled.  Said hi to Daisy on her last potty trip.

That's pretty much the story now.  Tune in tomorrow to see if I decide to venture out or not.


  1. THATS TOO MUCH SNOW!!! It's raining here, 11:00pm and it's been going since about 4:00pm. No idea what we have in store for tomorrow, had chicken for dinner though... That was good. Hang in there my friend and stay WARM!

  2. Update #1: Staggered down here at 4:35 AM- We cancelled production, proving out that I work for the best company in the WORLD! WOWO just said Ft Wayne's official was 9.2 inches. I don't think the winds got as bad as they expected, but where we're at, we're in a bowl and you have to trek almost to the complex office to see how it is in the real world. And I surely don't care enough to do that!

  3. 9 inches? Wow. We got about 8 over the weekend, but it was so warm it's all almost gone now. It is pretty fun taking out the dogs during this kind of weather, though, and watching them just fall in. Peeing for them: not fun.

    1. Well, we got ours and then it dropped to 11 degrees right now. Don't think melting will be an issue today.

  4. I seriously DO NOT MISS THIS CRAP! Glad Laurie made it safely home. Hope you don't get sick.

    1. I didn't... but thankfully, since work cancelled, I didn't need to lol

  5. I just went for a walk, and I think we got about 8 inches? Hard to say because of the drifts. I should have worn my snowpants.

    1. Scrappy and I went out to dig out the car, but since most people were smart enough to park in the lot, the complex did a yeoman's job on clearing said lot, and the snow was nothing but powder, it wasn't that hard. Even had Daisy's dad offer to help just as we were looking around to see what else we needed to clear.

  6. I cant even imagine getting all that snow. We got a nice cold front which means I get to wear a sweater and boots for one more day before we go back to wearing shorts. I actually hate that we don't have a real winter in Dallas! I just am happy I don't have to drive in that kind of crap. LOl. Yall stay safe and warm!

    1. Yeah, the stuff never turned to snow until it hit Indy. The state capital ruins everything it touches, lol!

  7. Chris:
    Yeah, the snowfall was SO darn deceiving...and then WHOOMP!...we get a roundhouse KO punch.

    Have to admire those being out trying to plow the streets clear (major roads always get done first, we get it)
    As of 6PM , 2 plows down OUR streets.

    And yes, Scrappy does NOT look he's glad he wasn't born a DACHSHUND!

    I'm gonna add on some things tomorrow about our snowfall and amounts down here in the crotch of Ft. Wayne.

    Nice job with your "report".
    Glad both of you are okay.

    Stay safe and keep warm up there.

    1. Scrappy was doing his impression of Dan Turkette's Hank the Pooch on that one.

  8. May you and your wife beat the elements. Stay safe and warm over there, and that goes for the little bitch too.

  9. Snow snow snow and a bit more snow don't have it here today we have rain and a bit more rain but only light rain........just saying

    1. There was rain here, too, about a hundred miles south...

  10. Geez Louise. My town would shut down for a month if we had that much snow. Okay, a week, but still, no one would be heading into work.

    Hope you're feeling better soon. And, for the record, I call my favorite dog (don't tell the other one I have a favorite) my little bitch too. It's a girl thing. Maybe. Perhaps I'm just mean?

    1. Maybe. I call Scrappy basically anything I'd call my son, lol.