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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Alive enough to type

The week's hiatus is over.  I am 80% back to health (as long as I stay indoors), and just in time.  The "I don't have a life" section of our work season is about to begin, and when I go in Monday, I start an hour earlier.  Plus, I get to train a new person starting Tuesday.  So posts might still straggle; but on the bright side, next week's Time Machine is under construction, so there is that.

In the meantime, I want to update the hockey board.  We are at a point where it will be easier to keep track of who's still playing amongst my 23 teams, and KCs 23 rivals.  And yes, we are keeping a head to head record, with 5 points for a win, 4 for an OT win, 3 for a shootout win, etc.  At this point, KC has outpointed me with 39 of the last 56, but I still have a commanding 284-151 lead overall.

And we have each now claimed a league title!  Miskolci won the Hungarian MOL liga title for KC, and Tohoku claimed the Asia League crown for myself!  In the meantime, here's who's left and where they stand:

In the Czech Extraliga, my Trinec and his Sparta Prague face off today in the start of their best-of-7 semifinal series.

In the Canadian Junior Leagues, my Brandon and Sherbrooke and his Red Deer, North Bay, and Shawanigan are in their opening playoff rounds.  Only my Windsor Spitfires (13-40-15) failed to make the cut.

In Norway, my Stavanger team is up 3-0 on arch-rival Valerenga in the semis.

In Latvia, KCs Kurbads open their championship series against Mogo tomorrow.

In the UK, my Sheffield and his Fife open the two-day circus which is the Elite League playoffs against each other today.

In Denmark, my SonderjyskE team has won into the finals, and his Esbjerg are a win away from joining them.

In Switzerland and Finland, it's just my guys.  In the NLA, Servette needs to win the next two to upset Zurich and make the finals;  in the Liiga, Jyvaskyla is the first to win through to the semis.

In Germany, it's also just me;  Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg is down 1-0 in the semis to Adler Mannheim.

And that leaves the four NHL teams, still in the regular season;  KCs Columbus Blue Jackets are 11 out of a playoff spot with 8 to play, but our other three seem solidly in.  Current standings would have a Pittsburgh (KC) vs NY Islanders (me) opening series, while my Blackhawks would face longtime rival St. Louis.


  1. Glad to hear you're back in the pink!
    Or whichever color you prefer.

    1. I haven't been in the pink in years... oh, wait, not what you meant...

  2. Good to hear you are improving, must have sent the sickness over this way, Jessica is sick as a dog right now, I had to go and pick Leo up and bring him home here for a while as she is too sick to look after him today.

    1. I hope it ain't the same stuff. This crap really hangs on.

  3. Chris: about "walking back into it" on your return to work.
    As for the hockey...I have enough trouble following the Konets and the Flyers.
    (okay, may the Islanders, too)
    Rest up, brother.

    1. Yeah, from what they told me today, "walking back into it" has only begun to happen...

  4. Good to know things are getting a bit better. No fun being sick. Unless you're into sickness or something weird like that.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Nope, not interested in this garbage.