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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Attention: Muslim fans and Jew haters

I realize I am wasting my time arguing with you, I know your kind.  I see them in the "support Obama at all costs " crowd that think I only disagree with the President because he's black, or I get all my talking points from FoxNews.  But two articles I have seen recently have weighed on my mind, and I would like to expose you for the petty little hypocrites you are.

In reverse chronological order, then I was greeted on that same FoxNews by the article "Ohio terrorist suspect wanted to shoot Obama in the head."  Trying hard not to delve into the worth of that ambition, I read the story of one Christopher Lee Cornell who got stooled out before he could make it to Washington and see if Secret Service was paying attention this week.  Some of the things he said stood out to me.

"They might say I'm a terrorist, but you know we see American troops as terrorists as well, coming to our land, stealing our resources and killing our people, raping our women."

So the little American Muslim boy has a problem with American troops "raping their women."  Never mind that his Islamic State buddies feel it's their duty to Allah to rape non-believers regardless of age, and scarcely treat "their women" any better.  Never mind that he can't prove these rapes actually happen (although in this world they probably do, though not on the industrial scale that IS practiced it in the Sindar mountains against the Yazidis.)

But you see, that's what you guys do- select made-up "facts" to believe to justify your penchant for mass rape and murder.  Facts are irrelevant; the evidence of your ears and eyes mean nothing.  The earlier of my two examples was an op-ed on a Kremlin-based news site Sputnik, by one of those left-wing nutjobs who calls himself a journalist, Pepe Escobar.  In his article, "The real story on Iran, U.S., Russia, and China", we get treated to his explanation that Bibi Netanyahu's speech before Congress, which I finally listened to and found it to be an articulate, well thought out, and respectable way of saying, "Wake up, America!" was actually a warmongering harangue, meant to "mould the US Presidency and US foreign policy."  As you can imagine, I found quite a bit of his propaganda piece amusing (such as referring to the current administration as the "Don't do anything stupid" administration, and the previous one as the "Cheney administration"), but the one thing in my current discussion that stood out was this:

Well, as illogical as the trademark paranoia exhibited by the usual basket of US neo-cons and extreme right-wingers. Compare it to how Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei regards nuclear power – with all its implications; this has also been on the record for ages for anyone to see.

That on the record part he was referring to?  That would be a link to a You Tube video from the supreme meathead of Iran where he says, "Nuclear arms are sinful,", and claims the West just doesn't want a developed Iran.

If that's so, Pepe, why does Iran want just the stuff to create nuclear weapons so bad?  Kind of like the whole "women are sinful, so cover them up and rape them at will" thing.  They're sinful, so just give us the ability to make them, but we won't because it's sinful.  Yeah, right.

And as for the "trademark paranoia" thing, whose supreme leader is it that has vowed- repeatedly- to destroy Israel.  It's not paranoia if they ARE out to get you.

Now (brace yourselves), I'm not saying ALL of Pepe's article is BS, and I'm not saying that Muslims might not have a legit beef about the presence of our army.  Pepe does manage to blunder into some really good points about "the New Great Game" being played with Iran; he makes some interesting geo-economic points; and even Rush Limbaugh the other day pointed out that the current administration's motives in the Middle East are less than noble (his theory was that Obama et al are trying to slide Iran into position to be Israel's nuclear counter-balance in the region).


When you inject stupidity disguised as facts into the equation, you end your credibility.  To call, as Pepe does, Netanyahu's speech a "rant", accuse him of running foreign policy in America, lift up Ali Khameni as a peaceloving, benevolent statesman, and deride the US Government as a "House of Cards, sorry, US Congress" throughout your article... you take any good point away.  When you defend a group proven to be religiously inclined to rape non-believers by accusing the other side of raping your women, you have chopped out your own feet.

Maybe, Pepe, the "real story in Israel' IS " the illegal occupation/apartheid imposed on Palestine ", I don't know.  But if all you got is lies, half-truths, and a ton of conveniently forgotten baggage, I'm not believing it coming from YOU.


  1. So what's the answer? Whose information is consistently reliable and honest? Who doesn't have a platform or ulterior motive? Can you even hope to believe anyone anymore?

    How do you get all people to care for all people? No one has been able to do it since the history of man began.

    I saw where a high ranking official made the statement that WW III had already begun. I believe it; it just looks different.

    1. I would be fascinated to read a history book 100 years from now. Obviously, I won't still be around. I just hope SOMEone is.

    2. The thing is, Cherdo, is that a THINKING person can do even a little bit of research and disprove 90% of what IS uses to recruit these meatheads. Just like I had to unfriend a FB person because they had nothing good to say to me after I explained that NOT believing in man-made global warming does NOT make me a member of "the flat-earth society" I told him that I found that unreasonable and insulting. He insulted me again- for no more than disagreeing with his pablum fed talking point- and that was it for me.

      You have to learn HOW to think for yourself, and then find the will to DO it. Christopher Cornell was looking for someone to think for him, and found them. Pepe wants to think for others, but is too full of hate to think himself.

    3. I'm here for the rhetoric, brother! Seriously, I teach critical thinking to the students at my home school cooperative. We're in the crazy one is thinking for themselves and taking the lazy way out of decision making.

      BTW, I stay neutral online for the most part. No use being a target...

  2. I have really begun to lose hope. There are people who refuse to accept the reality that there is evil in the world. They will support "their guy" or-heaven help us-their "harpy in a pantsuit" no matter how illogical and potentially catastrophic it is. They just will not listen. And...facts? How many actually believe "Hands Up. Don't Shoot" is a real thing? Or that the only "War on Women" is being waged by the Republican Party?

    1. I know, buddy, I know. I don't hope to help anyone these days... if I do, if I can get them to use the brain they're given, it's a bonus.

  3. Chris:
    Very well spoken (by you) and every point you hit on sounded similar to ones I have thought about of late...
    (man, similar minds plus a few more...that's scary

    A THINKING person...didn't know we (all) were in such short supply (well, we KNOW D.C. is)
    I think much of the problem in America stems fro a lack of people willing to LISTEN.
    We used to call that "Selective deafness"...or maybe it's just they ARE actually hearing-impaired.
    Maybe they should turn DOWN all the crap music they're listening to to drown out the reality of the world

    Love Al's call on "that harpy in a pantsuit" the harpies are really PO'ed about that.

    Great post and comments by all.
    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Al is a very wise man in a clown costume. Unlike Al Sharpton, who's just a clown in blackface.

  4. I tend not to believe anyone who insists that they are right, regardless of the side.

    Rape happens in every war, on every side, regardless of religion or "side". I know you know your history, so this is not news to you. And here's the thing, Congress is just as responsible as Obama in what's going on with this country, and it has nothing to do with the majority of the country, but rather the 500+ that sit in those seats.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in 2016, but sadly I think we will be too far into the finger pointing to have any change in leadership make a difference.

    1. Not sure whether your Congress thing was in response to what I said, Pepe, said, what Cornell wanted to do, or just in general. In any event, I agree- both on the responsibility and the finger pointing.

    2. The congress thing is meant to be more general. "Everyone" seems to have an opinion on Obama's administration, and forgets that it's congress who ultimately weighs in.