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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

IPFW is no friend of wildlife... unless you're a muskrat...

We took advantage of the last day I won't be working OT for a while the sunny day to take a walk.

Tons of cardinals out and about, and robins, and the occasional squirrel.  And a shadow that made me wonder what was running across the grass- until a brain cell sprouted and I looked up.

Maybe if he woulda let out a screech...

As for any bigger wildlife, no chance.  IPFW has torn out more of the brush along the woods that gave them places to hide.  Their idea of "forest management" is to make the woods an open, sterile place fit for nothing but being overrun by squirrels and geese... like, say, Shoaff Park.  Of course, the park is smart enough to leave up enough plant life (as well as not removing natural wetlands for vital soccer fields) that they don't end up with the bunches of low spots on their way to becoming muddy, smelly ponding spots like what IPFW is creating.  And smelly, muddy ponding spots aren't real good for seeing deer.  They are perfect, however, for...


This guy was munching about in the pond near the bridge into the Plex.  When he saw me, he went under and disappeared...

Until he popped up here, about six feet away, peeking to see if I was still around.

We did run into some ducks, a welcome change from all the damn geese playing "Occupy Hefner Soccer Fields".

Hey, Chris, what kind of geese do you have?



  1. Chris:
    Those are some great wildlife pics, especially that muskrat.

    Shame about the way IPFW looks at the nearby woods...sic PETA on them...LOL.

    And while I've also HEARD some robins about, I have not SEEN any yet.
    You'd think w/ the THAW,they'd be worm-hunting?

    Maybe up NORTH where your live.

    Very good photos.
    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Can't believe you ain't had robins yet, Robert- they are all over up here!

  2. Our wildlife is also starting to come out of "hibernation". Course, so are all the other wildlife that eat them... coyote have been rampant lately.

    It's all temporary anyway... we are getting another 3-6 inches of snow tomorrow. Can't complain too much though, as a warm up trend is expected next week, so when I drive out over it Saturday morning it won't have time to ice. :)

    1. We got a dusting today- which is expected to melt off this afternoon. I guess your area sees 3 to 6 AS a dusting by now...