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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Martin's 2nd annual amazing A to Z challenge mash up part one

If you remember last year, I celebrated the A to Z blogging challenge by coming up with something suitably (for me) short and idiotic when everyone hit M (or L, I'm not sure), and again at the end.  This year, I thought, "How about I google "Scrappy", followed by a letter, and see what I get".  Along the way, I learned some important lessons on what constitutes a good or bad idea.  And I'll share them as I go along.

Scrappy A is for Ability. Scrappy ability is a Pokemon thing, something about being able to hit a ghost.  If you know what this is, don't bother explaining, because it will not store.

Scrappy B is for Scrappy Brian.  This is the nephew of beloved dog and philosopher Brian on the animated show Family Guy.

You can just see where this was going...

Scrappy C is for Scrappy Coco, which was an alias on Adam Sandler's "Zohan" character.

Scrappy D was, not surprisingly, Scrappy Doo.  The single most annoying cartoon character since Walt Disney's mom was changing poopy diapers.

Scrappy E was Scrappy Exploud, apparently a pokemon character which has Scrappy ability.

At this point I learned a very important lesson:  Scrappy is a very popular thing in pokemon, and if I didn't want to learn far more about pokemon than I cared to, I would have to skip pokemon references and go to the next thing that came up.

Scrappy F is for Scrappy Firework quilts.  Apparently there are a series of quilt kits named Scrappy this or that.  I would have to delete them, as well.

Scrappy G is for the Scrappy Gourmet, a scrapbooking site.  Gee, I see I may have another budding problem.

Scrappy H is for Clinton "Scrappy" Holmes, a high powered Texas Lawyer and partner in Holmes and Moore PLLC.  Kinda put me in mind of Wilford Brimley.

He got the spot instead of yet another pokemon term.  But he was a member of Super Lawyers from 2008-11.

Scrappy I is for "in Spanish", as it decided to translate Scrappy into "deshilvanado" for me.

Scrappy J is for yet another semi-famous Texas resident, Scrappy Jud Newcomb.  He's a guitarist born in Ole Miss and living in Austin.

Not bad, actually.

Scrappy K is for... well, I got a pokemon thing (Kangaskhan), a scrapbook thing (Scrappy k's designs), and Scrappy kid, which took me to rapper Lil' Scrappy.  None of which made my list.  So I tried "ka" and got Scrappy Kapers, and Scrappy Kat, both of which were scrapbooking sites.  So I tried Scrappy "ke", and I got Scrappy Kea, a scrapbooking blog that hasn't been added to since last September.  Then I tried Scrappy Kerrville and got:

Scrappy is the name of the mascot for a local high school, Tivy, whose nickname is the Antlers. This statue of Scrappy was created by Brett & Tammy Prang of Incredible Metal in Kadoka, south Dakota out of scrap metal. The figure of a full antlered deer, Scrappy stands some 16 feet tall on a smashed car body high above the nearby State Highway. The statue is mounted on concrete pillars behind a limestone facade, making it some 25 feet tall overall. 

Scrappy L is for Scrappy Lambert, a dance band vocalist in the 20's, 30's, and 40's, who was the singer on Cheerio, Cherry Lips, Cheerio, which was the closing theme on the Dr. Demento show.

And finally for part one:  Scrappy M is for Malloys'.  Scrappy Malloys was the bar that the couple met at in Jack Johnson's cover of Ruppert Holmes' Escape (The Pina Colada Song) that was on the Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack.  (Instead of "a bar called O'Malleys").


  1. This is very cool post. Who knew so much history attached to name Scrappy.

  2. Well done. Does this count? Did you sign up?

    1. No, I have no interest in derailing my usual madness with a regular theme. This seemed a valid compromise.

  3. Half way through this scrappy list I was laughing so much that my eyes teared up. Very sly devil.

    1. Here's how the first half went last year...

  4. Well, at least that school won't get into trouble over their mascot. Unless they get some grief from the local chapter of the "Antler Anti-Defamation League."

  5. Chris:
    --Scrappy Brian - a LEFTIST'S best four-footed
    --Agreed on Scrappy Doo
    (even Squiddly-Diddly was better)
    --Pokemon...they still DO that stuff?
    --And here I thought those Scrappy Fireworks quilts were FLAME-RETARDANT.
    --Scrappy Lambert...sounds like a person from that era.

    Can't wait to see what the bottom half of the alphabet holds in store.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Apparently they do, because half the letters I tried had pokemon crap on the first line.

  6. That Scrappy is one famous little dude!

    1. Sure is! Check this out:

      Not him, but the first thing I ever saw when I googled his name.

  7. More stuff I didn't know, not that, that would be hard there is much I don't

  8. My favorites are Scrappy Jud Newcomb and Scrappy the deer. That is pretty funny that there are Scrappy-branches extending strongly into Pokémon, quilting, and scrapbooking. I'm glad you delved beyond the surface.

    1. More like extending ridiculously...