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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Scrappy N-Z and other fun stuff

Note from work:  The last few days, I have had to recut sets of certain panels which made their covers no longer fit the boats at (our largest customer).  These were old patterns, and like an idiot I had to ask what was up.  Production mgr tells me that (Our largest Customer) moved some incidental bracket or somesuch, as they discovered they'd been making them wrong FOR ALMOST A YEAR.  Instead of holding off fixing the problem until the new model year- or better yet, at least telling us that they were changing it, they just changed the placement- on more than one model- and then asked us why the cover no longer fit.

Afterwards, I told my boss, "You know the scary thing?  We screw up all the time, too.  But no one expects our product to FLOAT."

Note#1:  Anyone considering buying a boat and wanting to cross (our largest customer) off their list, just send me an e-mail or IM on Facebook.

Note#2:  Moments later, I found out that four of the replacement panels I cut were no good because our rookie engineer was supposed to lengthen them but shortened them instead.   Still doesn't have to float, though.


Next, a little walk today:

Things are finally blooming

Including the dandelions

Dad!  For pity's sake, I'm trying to POOP!

Scrappy didn't see this ground hog...
...but he sure saw the next one, and the edge of the drop off from the soccer field.  We ran- for me though, it was more of a controlled fall-  and my knees were screaming, "Stop! Stop! It hurts!" and my brain was firing back, "The pig's committed*!  Run faster, or it'll hurt worse!"

* From the saying, "In a ham and eggs breakfast, the chicken is involved.  The pig's committed."

I didn't fall, the varmint got away, and Scrappy was delighted.

Dutchman's Britches!  My favorites!


Alright, let's get on with the second half of this year's AtoZ mashup, featuring the theme "Scrappy _".  As you recall, I am jettisoning any mention of rapper Lil' Scrappy, scrapbooking or quilting, and Pokemon as I google the theme and see what pops up.  And the second half of the alphabet gives us:

Scrappy N:  Other than the aforementioned rapper's net worth (which to me is a big fat zero), we have Scrappy Nelson, who is not a member of the Ozzie and Harriet clan.  Rather, it is a Border Terrier who apparently has his own twitter account.

O:  Robert "Scrappy" Ortiz, a lightweight boxer (boy, is he!) with a 7 win (3 by KO) 4 loss (also 3 by KO) and one draw record.  So he's a sparkling 4-1-1 in matches in which everybody stays awake.

P:  Scrappy Puppy was apparently a song by alt band The Presidents Of The United States Of America, best known for the song Lump and for having a name longer than their careers.  I tried to find lyrics to this alleged song, but all I got on several sites was the spinning wheel of eternal loading.

Q:  Scrappy Que significa, which apparently translated scrappy into Spanish.    Didn't we do this under D for some long Spanish word?

R:  Scrappy, which takes you to some kind of "dance blog" that looked an awful lot like a porn blog...  just sayin'.

S:  Synonyms!  Feisty (not really), tenacious (in an ADHD sort of way), Determined (depending on how comfortable you are when he wants something), Persistent (if it involves food), aggressive (make me laugh, please), forceful (yeah, do it again!), and the one that fit best... dogged.

T: Scrappy the dog.  Not this Scrappy, but if you remember the viral video where the brave cat chased the attacking dog away from the toddler, that was the name of that dog.  Scrappy, a Lab/Chow mix, was no better behaved at the pound and was euthanized.

U:  Underdog, as in the lead line of a year-old article on product branding in the Harvard Business Review:  "Everyone loves a scrappy underdog."

V:  Vegetable broth.  Really?  Yep, just save your scrap trimmings from veggies as you cook, and when you get two freezer bags full, dump 'em in some water, and voila!

W:  Wilson.  A lady bought this print, and issued an all points bulletin on anyone who could identify who he was:

As yet, she apparently doesn't have an answer.  And yes, apparently is apparently my favorite word tonight.

X:  The Scrappy X-men is the nickname of Canadian Basketball team St Francis Xavier, who defeated UNB (which I am guessing is the U of New Brunswick) 82-77 last November.  UNB was ranked 6th, so hats off to the scrappy X-Men!

Y: Yorktown... you see, during the war (WWII), the USS Yorktown had an airedale mutt as an unofficial mascot for a year.  The legend lives on, and recently they made an official mascot:

And finally, Z is for Scrappy Zoolander, who was one of Ben Stiller's brothers in the movie of the same last name, played by Judah Friedlander (who has just about as bad a name as Scrappy Zoolander).

And there you have it, the Ato Z mashup challenge has been met!  See you next year!


  1. Apparently you made it through the Challenge in just a matter of a few days. Good for you. Apparently. *smiles*

    I've always wanted a boat but, meh, so much work. And now, it sounds like it may be a tad unsafe.

  2. I love the band Presidents of US. They also have a silly song about Peaches that I actually play a lot on my ipod!! Peaches come from a can - they were put there by a man in a factory downtown. Awesome!! Scrappy is famous and doesn't even realize.

  3. Chris:
    Typical work things...the people who NEED to tell you never do...some things NEVER change there (Apparently).

    I really liked that A-Z mashup thing...pretty cool stuff (apparently) in there.
    Your neighbor hood actually LOOKS like a REAL neighborhood - a far cry from what I see around us today (apparently).
    Love the BLOOMING TREES (all we have down here are BLOOMING IDIOTS)

    That's one good size groundhog you found,
    (he wasn't dancing to Kenny Loggins, was he?)

    You had Scrappy on a LONG lead, too.
    Wish the"locals" did likewise with their CHILDREN - they NEED to be on a leash...LOL
    (and add a muzzle)

    Very good post (apparently)

    Stay safe up there , brother.

  4. Oh dear, this makes me not want to go boating... ever.

    It's fun to put words into that Google search and see what comes up. Scrappy Reggae which is actually scrappy porn... hmmm. I don't even know what to say to that one...