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Saturday, April 4, 2015

The kinda junk you get on Saturday.

First up, Bobby G. made a comment on me on another blog (the cad, lol!), referencing my supposed outstripping him in followers/commenters.  So I decided to see the truth behind the illusion.  I determined that out of 88 supposed followers, I only counted 85.  Out of that group, I have determined that once in a great while at least, 44.7 % actually comment.  I split that up thusly:

18.8% are active, pretty regular commenters.
11.8 % Show up just once in a blue moon, but can't really write 'em off.
Another 11.8% will usually comment if you have commented on their post of the day, but rarely without that persuasion.
And 2.3% do their commenting on the Facebook link.  This does not count Facebook commenters that don't fill out the "follow" form.

Nor does it count Lorraine, who thinks a blogger account is a great evil and only comments by e-mail.  (Of course, there WAS that recent trip to Spain...)

And the other "followers?"

The biggest group, 20%, I classify as MIA.  Many of these were frequent commenters in the past but have cut internet ties.
9.4% I classify as "never weres", people who followed for no apparent reason, and commented once if at all.
8.2% are non-commenters, but are recent enough that I give them the benefit of the doubt that they may actually lurk here.
Another 7% are much like this group, but I tend to think they are closing in on MIA territory.
5.9% are people who have followed under two different names, on their name they don't use.
4.7% I believe are advertising sites that think I will follow them if they follow me.  When that failed, they abandoned ship.

So excuse me if I don't see the difference between 40 or so that actually follow and 88 that are mostly deadwood.


Hockey report:  In Denmark, my team SonderjyskE and KC's Team Esbjerg are playing in the championship final, with my guys winning game one 4-2 today.

In Latvia, KCs Kurbads team trails Mogo 3 to 2 in the finals.

In Norway, my Stavanger team swept arch rival Valerenga 4-0 to go to the finals.  Awaiting their challenger right now.

In the Czech Republic, KCs Sparta Prague is threatening to upend my division champs Trinec in the semis.

My Swiss team, Geneva Servette, got knocked out in the semis this week, as did my German team, Grizzly Adams Wolfsburg.

Last week, the English Elite League started their screwy two-week playoff affair.  Last week was the quarterfinals, a two-game aggregate goal affair.  My regular season champs, Sheffield, were the only top seed to win through, defeating KCs Fife team with a win and a tie.  This week, it becomes a one-and-done affair, and Sheffield did in 7th place Hull.  Tomorrow, we play 6th place Coventry for the championship.

Which still leaves my Finnish team Jyvaskyla playing in the semis, five of the six Canadian junior teams still active in their playoffs, and the NHL teams of which KCs Columbus Blue Jackets have been eliminated from playoff contention, but our other three are still in the mix.


Finally, no walk today as it is a bit brisk with the wind, and Scrappy had a couple hours where his left hip was giving him a problem.  After a doggie aspirin wrapped in peanut butter and a nap, he was better, and we took a brief excursion to the back yard.  Brief, because I'm not real interested in reviving the Black Plague I suffered with the last few weeks.  Missing 6 days of work didn't look good on my review.  Thankfully, I'm so wonderful everywhere else (cough, gag), that I got a 29-cent raise.  And boy, it sounds like I'm gonna be working for it!


  1. I must confess....I am a lurker. :(

    1. Nah, we answer each other. A lurker is a silent golem.

  2. I'm just grateful that anyone reads my blog, ha ha. Looking over my list, most of them comment regularly.

    Peanut butter will make a dog eat anything. That is the one thing that will get any medicine down Coco's throat!

    1. He better eat it. I hate having that crap on my finger!

  3. I just got thinking how wrong it was of me to post this without determining what kind of commenter I am! So I looked into it...

    I am currently listed as following 91 blogs. The highest percent (37.3%) are, once again, basically MIA blogs I have commented on in the past.

    Active commenter on fairly active blogs- 31.9%
    Don't usually comment unless I have something really substantive to say- 14.3%
    They rarely post, but I usually comment when they do- 10%
    Repeats of blogs where the author has changed formats (You know who YOU are!) 3.2%
    And one each for: Blogs that became vlogs and I don't follow so much; a blog that actually is a business forum; and one to keep track of a favorite author. And there you have it.

  4. And then there's us! We always read but don't always comment. You'll know it's us when it shows on your real time monitor thingy on the side: "A visitor from Louisville, Colorado!"

    ...Which is hilarious, btw, because neither of us live anywhere near Louisville. Which is a tiny (and very random) podunk town.

    1. I grew up outside of Zulu, Indiana. That'll never show up on a widget!

  5. Hi Chris! Just leaving you a note so I can maintain what I think is my 11.8% blue moon status. Poor Scappy! Give him an extra scratch behind the ears for me, please.

    1. Unbelieveable how this "throwaway post" made people's ears burn! I was hoping the Sunday morning post would do that...

  6. Chris:
    And here I thought I was giving you props for having more followers.
    (never hurts to see others succeed in my book)
    If those numbers hold true (relatively-speaking) then I only have about SIX...LOL.
    Oh, well...gotta try harder I suppose.

    Have a great Easter & stay safe up there, brother.

    1. C'mon, dude, I can count more than that amount of your commenters without cheating!

    2. many times have I asked you NOT to count MY replies?

  7. I think I'm a regular commenter here. So, I don't believe I'm deadwood.
    But, I think Literary Viagra can take care of deadwood.
    I'll just have to stop typing after four hours.
    Or contact my editor.