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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Walk pictures

I could say I was waiting to get some really good shots... but truth be told, my camera has an issue.  It does not like to download pictures with a fully recharged battery, so I waited until I'd wore enough of the charge off.

Here's one of the many mini-frogs we saw at the swamp back on the fifth.  Hard to get one to sit still when Scrappy's wading out to say hi.

First signs of life on the 8th.

Scrappy and his favorite puddle of muck in the woods.
In the deep woods Friday.

First flowers of the spring for us.
What, never saw a shoe tree before?

Scrappy meets Zoe and family.
At the ravine for a BabyBel break.

Oh, the pond, the windswept pond...

Turtle heaven at the swamp.
Now at this point I have to stop and tell a story.  When we started up the river bank towards the swamp, we were passed by a boy jogging, wearing a Flash tank top.   I considered the fun of taking that picture, but decided against.  As we approached the swamp, the Flash was approached by some guy in a car heading our way (towards the dead end at the IPFW foot bridge).  He asked something, but given what he ended up doing with the information, I can't guess what.  He proceeded past us as we busied ourselves with taking turtle pics (me) and wading in after frogs (Scrappy).  A few seconds later, I heard a low rumbling moan behind us, rhythmically going up and down.  Then, a jogger's voice:  "Is it stuck?"  I knew what I was going to see when I turned around, and still couldn't believe it:

That's right.  Instead of going on around the curve (where one can turn about on stone and concrete), he apparently panicked at the thought of driving off an imaginary cliff and tried to turn around-  in ground that was mere feet from a swamp, mere feet after passing water that was clear across the road, into land that was dotted at the point he tried it with the water filled tire tracks of those who went mudding with more appropriate vehicles before him.  Soon after the jogger passed us, along came the driver- nice suit, expensive sunglasses, assuredly muddy leather shoes, on his cell calling for help as he beat feet towards a more civilized place to wait.  If I were the a-hole I sometimes claimed to be, I would have asked the old Dr. Phil question:

But since I'm not, I politely waited until he was clear to take the picture.

Hey, Daffodils!!!!

Bobby, you got robins yet?


  1. What a blessing! Spring is starting to poke its head out of winter's desolation.

    1. I am honored to have brought forth such a clear, coherent comment. Jo-Anne will have to work extra hard now! And yes, it is a blessing.

  2. I love the walk pictures. It reminds me of WV a bit.

  3. Turtles! I haven't seen them around here.

    1. All you need is a swamp and a sunny day.

  4. Wonderful pictures...........just saying
    Can you imagine what it was like way back when, when cameras were not like they are nowadays, small enough to carry everywhere and photos seen in minutes not days or weeks after taking them. I can but it is fast becoming a distant memory

    1. I know. Pictures used to be this rare special treat... still special, just not so rare. One of the few things technology has gotten right.

  5. Chros:
    Wow, this sure beats all those snow walkabouts...lots of color sprouting all over.
    Love the frog pic and the turtle pic.
    --Nice mallard photo as well as the woodpecker.
    We keep HEARING one in one of our trees, but he's not come calling of late.
    --Regarding picture #8 - that sure looks suspiciously like some wild "weed"...LOL.
    --Scrappy has bis southern side sitting in WATER?
    Nice vista he has going on...

    --And that driver...ROFLMAO - the Dr. Phil meme is SPOT ON!

    (takes all kinds and when the weather breaks, they DO come out in droves, don't they?)

    Excellent view from the nicer side of "The Fort".

    Stay safe up there, brother.