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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A walk and a heckler

So I'm sitting here trying to think what bits to add to make this a more interesting, challenging post.  Because actually, all I have is a short bit about me and the Boofus taking an afternoon walk.

(Suddenly, from the back of the room:  "Shut up and get to the walk!")

Okay, okay.  First thing, I never knew that robins used hearing to find worms.  But I sure got evidence of it today.  I watched this robin...

...peck the ground, and then turn his head side first towards the spot he pecked, to hear what his pecking had wrought:

"Knock knock!"  "Who's there?" "Dinner!"  "Dinner who?"  "No, dinner FOR who... bwah-hah-hah!"

The rest of the walk was normal (as it gets), and so I left my camera in its pouch, as I was almost out of battery.  I decided to walk along the north bank of Stony Run instead of crossing the bridge, thinking Scrappy would enjoy a new path.  As we crossed the trail, I saw (and Scrappy didn't) a guy walking his two dogs, down at the bridge.  Works for me, we'll miss them and avoid the getting leashes tangled, and butt-sniffing.  We hadn't went a few yards when the dogs (being walked unleashed), ran up to say hi, their master futilely calling "Come!" behind them.  Butts were sniffed, one dog jumped up on me to say hello (and then got tangled in Scrappy's leash), and then finally said, "Oh, I guess our dad's calling us!" and ran off.

And two steps after that, I saw this:

Casually munching it's way along north bank.  We cut across the conveniently mowed field, leaving her to graze, and eventually saunter into the brush.

Okay, there's the walk.  Sorry I didn't have anything else to throw in.

(Same voice from the back of the room:  "We're not!!!")

Man, tough crowd tonight!


  1. You're gonna laugh at me. A quick glance at the first picture of the deer made me think it was a cougar and I nearly fell off the couch. *putting glasses on*

    1. I can see where you'd get that... I first thought, "Oboy. a ground hog... I think..."

  2. AWESOME pictures of the deer and the bird!!! Hey, I enjoyed this post regardless of the peanut gallery voices from another room.

    1. That's that voice in the back of my head that thinks it's funny I've mentioned before.

  3. Looks beefy! Or deery...

    1. That cracked me up! And made me hungry... alas, I've not a hunter's soul... or aim.

  4. Chris:
    Now who could that heckler be?
    (I KNOW it's not me)

    I enjoy your walks in the part of Ft. Wayne that doesn't look like MY

    Love seeing those deer.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. ID given above on the reply to Holli, you are indeed safe. You were the softer voice replying to it, "STFD and STFU."

  5. Heading home from the beach yesterday we saw a beautiful doe on the side of the road just minding her own business. First one I've seen in the neighborhood. Love it.