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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Friday trip to the park

With a baseball trip planned for Saturday, I decided to give Scrappy two day's worth of walk: a trip to Shoaff park.

A BEEE-yutiful day for it!

Once we got there (half hour from door to entrance) I found a great spot to chill out- as if I could get Scrappy to do so.

"Scrappy, I have clean water in the canteen!"
"I got this, Dad!"

Of course, we didn't notice the nearby dead squirrel at first...

Or the mysetrious creature bubbling in the water just feet away.

We did meet another beagle!  This is Hunter.

My favorite little bitty waterfalls...

 The ripples you see there were from big tadpoles.  Now I should tell you something about me and tadpoles.  I saw some in a puddle when I was little, and never saw any that weren't in an aquarium for about 50 years- till this spring.  And the one I did get a look at here was enormous- Imagine something about the size of two golf balls- no legs yet- and a 2 1/2 inch tail.  I had a good shot at a pic, but was so stunned I stood there with mouth open and camera in hand and watched him swim off.

Now let me tell you something about squirrels.  Shoaff park is the world capital of squirrels.  You normally couldn't throw a rock without hitting six of them.  But we only saw one this trip, and a scrawny one at that.  But, at least he posed.


  1. Chris:
    Excellent pictures as, we DO have pigeons here in Fort Wayne.
    (musta come from
    If you didn't that many squirrels, they might be on their way down to OUR place...I hear it's "getting a rep".
    (Ask Mr. Wrinkles or Patches)

    Have a great weekend.
    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Must be on the squirrels. KC couldn't believe it when I told him I only saw the one.

  2. I like the living squirrel best!!

    1. Yeah, the dead one wasn't real appealing, except to the 10 million flies on him.

  3. Beeee yutiful indeed!!!! Great pics.

    1. It's not Ormond beach, but it's what I have...