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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Friday walk... Sunday walk

Hot time in turtle land...

There were tons of tiny tadpoles here!  Trust me!

This girl was videotaping geese...

A solar powered something... idk what

Attention weathermen... THIS is spring!

Refreshing dip in pond
Ah... Jack in the pulpits!

And we move on to Sunday...

At first I had thought these were traps.  But they must be some kind of experiment.  Each cage (probably a dozen around the ravine) protects a small patch of cleared ground and has a little flag marked "ULM".  U. of Louisiana-Monroe?

River's low

This weekend's money shot

There!  Tadpoles!

We rounded out the walk passing through soccermageddon (or whatever they're calling opening weekend at the Plex).  Scrappy enjoyed it, as he was the hit of little kids, including three little fellows and their sister who followed him for quite a ways, petting him as he walked (and screaming in "terror" whenever he'd stop and turn to pay attention to them).


  1. Chris:
    BOTH of those walks are fantastic...I believe you on the tadpoles, too - when there's lots of them, you MEAN...LOTS.
    Got some serious turtle action, too.
    Love the cardinal pics...excellent sharpness and clarity.
    (and yes, that pond looks inviting)

    When you live where WE do and then see photos from where YOU'RE at, you would NEVER know it's the SAME CITY, that's for sure.

    Great post.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Cardinals aren't much for posing out here... we got lucky.

  2. Hope you didn't walk from Friday to Sunday that would mean sore feet, ok yes I know you didn't walk from Friday to Sunday but on Friday and Sunday and have to say like the look of the walks

    1. Yeah, neither one of us are in shape for a three-day walk.

  3. I love the money shot!! Tadpoles are cool. I used to catch them in creeks when I was a kid. We always let them go but it was fun to catch them. Beautiful picture of the cardinal.

  4. You photographing a woman videotaping geese. That is so meta. I only wish someone had been audio recording you at the time.

    Also, if those were the geese that lived here, that woman would have been running for her life while a cloud of angry, snapping geese were nipping at her heels.