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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Short Sunday message and long walk

It occurred to me in the middle of the night (with some encouragement from Chuck Swindoll) that a lot of people try to limit their contact with the Bible to that which they don't sleep through during Sunday sermons.  And one of the reasons for that has to do with how they perceive their own righteousness.  Many people look at entering the Bible like entering a deep, murky forest...

...because they say to themselves things like:  My sin is no worse than the next guy's...  all sins are no worse than the other... I'm not the only one... it's just a little thing.  And thus, they are afraid what they will do when confronted with things like:  Thou shalt not steal (but it was just a few blank notepads, the office has dozens), thou shalt not kill (but if I ever catch the guy that dented my car, I'll...), thou shalt not commit adultery (but the picture just popped up on my screen ... by accident).  And all the sudden, any page might send you down a long, muddy road that will leave you feeling filthy...

But here's the thing.  When you hit a spot in the Bible and see yourself in it, that's not God saying, you miserable failure.  That's Jesus saying, That's something I forgave you for...

And without further ado, the rest of our morning 2.3 mile walk.

Morning glories

It was still cool, but felt like a rain forest.

At this point, you call it "cool mist."  In about two hours, "stupid muggy."

First couple of deer I've seen in a long while

Just dangling there...

Lovely IPFW watershed management:  Now the woods id full of water and the river's down to bones.

Tadpoles just hangin' out on a submerged log

HAH!  Gotcha!


  1. Beautiful pictures! And, in those, I see God.
    And it's not just on a Sunday when I think that.

    1. Funny. Ninety-nine times I say that... but Friday work had me so exhausted, I told God I just wasn't seeing it. Nothing like a few hours of real sleep.

  2. Chris:
    First off, let me say that where you live..."What a DIFFERENCE a couple weeks makes!"
    A wonderfully verdant venue.

    Love the "mid-air" picture.

    I never tire of seeing what Fort Wayne looks like ASIDE from the limited visages we have down here "in the crotch" of the city,...heh..

    Well done.

    Stay safe up there, brother.

    1. Of course, I could throw in some shots of the garbage we pass if it helps...

  3. By all means...DON'T!!!!
    (we see enough)

  4. Great message, Chris, and your pictures are so beautiful and serene. Love it.

  5. Great pictures!! I love the deer laying down peeking through the weeds.
    Your statement of feeling yucky but that's what God is forgiving us for- Oh my gosh I love it! Totally hits home.

    1. Sure did me... at 2:30 AM, at that.