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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The novel continues

It was a bit warm this afternoon, but we did get a bit of a walk in.

As Bobby can tell you, it's no good to mow your grass when it's wet.

Yes, that wet.

Water's up at the duck pond.

River, too.

Damn hot- makes my back itch!

Another new fungus

Letting the baby go swimming

Yeah, he made me climb up the hard way.

Another tree goes down in one of the innumerable storms we had.

This last one is the best- Scrappy caught his first groundhog!  Well, caught is a strong term.  He caught up to the little guy as he was ducking into a woodpile.  He got nose-to-butt for the first time!

So the varmint climbed in, turned around to see what we would do.  And Scrappy?  Well, he did what he always does when someone doesn't want their butt sniffed... he wandered off.  At least now I know that even should he catch one, the groundhog population is safe.

And the stop by the river reminds me that the other Sunday, we went over to the IPFW river walk.

Carp in the mud flats...

And a stop off at the swamp to wrap up the day.


  1. Love your walks.. thanks for sharing.

    1. Stay tuned... next walk leaving as soon as I finish with replies!

  2. Hmmm, so I don't know if my first comment actually posted (stupid Apple phone). As o was saying, the walk looks good and that's one fine little pup ya got there! The weather is so nice here aka HOT and I love it. Hang in there my friend <3

    1. Nope, the first comment was officially eaten. Scrappy thanks you for the kind words!

  3. Beautiful photos, as always! I love the spider web, and the fish.

    I can't really take much credit for my post titles, as most of them are stolen from films, books, and TV shows, with the occasional song lyrics. That last one was from Blackadder.

    1. It does take a talent, though, to find titles like those!

  4. Chris:
    Yeah, sure looks a LOT more "damp" up there.

    You took some EXCELLENT photos.
    The one with Scrappy in the middle and that double row of trees...fantastic!
    And that spider web...VERY cool.
    Took one down the Jersey shore (the southern part) a LONG time ago...on some slide somewhere.
    I gotta get all those together in ONE place.

    Carp, you say?
    If you had some cornmeal balls (karo and cornmeal - eastern carp love that) and a'd have dinner...LOL.

    Glad you two managed to get out and about.
    Might want to check the prices at Gander Mountain for some "waders"...heh.

    Great post.

    Stay safe (and relatively dry) up there, brother.

    1. The double row shot didn't come out as awesomely shady (read:dark) as it actually was, so I played with it till I got approximate. No match for what the eye saw, though.

  5. Great pics especially along the river. Love that shot of the groundhog hiding out! Keep on walking!!